Restock supplies for your furry friends with ease cuz Pawstars is now delivering in Lucknow!

Restock supplies for your furry friends with ease cuz Pawstars is now delivering in Lucknow!

Let the ‘Game of Bone’ begin for your pet deserves all the fun

They say you can brave anything but your furry friend’s puppy eyes and imagine the horror when you find out you’re out of pet supplies! If the mere thought of your gloomy pet makes you break a sweat, then catch a breath, dear Lucknowites! Your shining messiah, Pawstars is here to meet all the demands of your pets and deliver it right to your doorstep to ease the ordeal by a major woof!

‘Fur’ your pets are worth it!

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The times are tough, especially for those stuck in isolation or quarantine. There is plenty you cannot already do and to be neglecting your pet's needs amidst all this just adds on to the woes, But hey! What if we tell you these worries have a rather simple solution - a solution that goes by the name ‘Pawstars’.

Pawstars is a one-stop shop for all pet care and grooming needs, delivered right to your doorstep. Be it a busy schedule, unavailability of products at local marts or any other reason, you get all that you want, just here, from the comfort of your home.

Besides being a bone of hope during the pandemic hour, Pawstars is a quality-marked brand that promises express-fast service, with dispatch and delivery on the same day. Cruise through the Pawstars wide range to shop for pet food, toys, grooming and care essential, and even clothes here!

You can also get your hands of awwdorable traditional stitches and pet accessories to doll up your furry munchkin when you feel a little festive! To make the deal a whole lot better for you, Pawstars is offering a discount of up to 15% on all products, so stock up on your pet's favourites now!

Only the best for your pets

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But that’s not all! Pawstars is gearing up to open its in-house grooming centre soon, making it the top choice for all the pet parents in Lucknow. This all-inclusive store is set to position as a boutique pet store, offering everything, from supplies, pet care, grooming and assistance to notch up your pet-maintenance game by a score!

Pawstars is uniquely positioned at various city centres, making it approachable for each and all. With three strategically located stores in Lucknow, the pet shop is making sure that your pet gets only the best, bridging the gap of logistics and resources, rather skilfully.

For woofs, cuddles, and happy wags

It is said that it is only your pet that loves you unconditionally and returning the favour is now as simple as getting what’s best for your furry friend, with Pawstars home-delivery service in Lucknow. Imagine, getting all love just by placing a simple order - sounds like a deal, right?! So start filling your cart and get shopping with your four-legged friends now!


  • A-863/1 Sri Amar Plaza, LDA Colony Aashiyana
  • 4 Mangalpuri, Ismail Ganj, Faizabad Road (Near SBI Road)
  • 3rd Floor, 304, Felix Square, Sushant Golf City

Contact - 7081106969, 85422828649

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