Pensioners in Lucknow can submit life certificates without visiting offices, at just ₹70

Pensioners in Lucknow can submit life certificates without visiting offices, at just ₹70

Pensioners will be able to avail doorstep life certificate delivery and submission facility through the postal department, here's how.

Alt title: Pensioners in Lucknow can now get their Life Certificate home delivered for ₹70

In a bid to provide additional convenience to pensioners, the Department of Post (DOP), Lucknow has started a new doorstep service for the procurement and submission of life certificates.

Before this move, retired individuals of various government departments were required to visit the office and submit their life certificates to avail of their pension schemes. However, with the new service citizens can now choose more methods and apply for the same hassle-free.

Pensioners can avail the service through their nearest post office or by DOP's mobile app

Through this service, the pensioners in Lucknow will be able to acquire and submit their life certificates to their concerned department for just ₹70.

  • The service could either be availed by contacting the postman of the nearest PO or by the means of DOP's online application.

  • If an individual chooses to contact the nearest PO, the office will send a postman to their doorstep. The postman will further assist the individual with the online application for the certificate, which will also be sent to the concerned department after acquisition.

  • Through the online facility, one can fill out the life certificate application form on the DOP's Android/iOS mobile app, Postinfo.

  • After successful registration for the online certificate, a postman from the nearest PO will reach the pensioner's residence within the duration of 48 hours to further assist with the submission procedure.

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