People, don't be at the party, be the party! Hit these lit bars in Lucknow to grab insane offers

People, don't be at the party, be the party! Hit these lit bars in Lucknow to grab insane offers

Usher in the party spirit cuz we're here with hep cafes/bars & cost-saving Knocksense offers on your favourite drinks!

The weekend is here and has brlight with it some much-needed destressing vibes. Also, we hear a pleasant symphony of hooch and happiness nearby, which brings partaaayy to our minds. How about yours?

Gorging on scrumptious food, sipping your favourite tonics, while being surrounded by your close friends. Sounds like a plan? Usher in the party spirit 'cuz we're here with the top-of-the-lot cafes/bars in Lucknow you must visit to avail crazy discounts.

All you've to do is download the Knocksense app and lose yourself in a world of insane deals and offers at the best of hang-out places (and more) in town!

2+2 on LIIT @ Vintage Machine Cocktail Bar

What could be better than a session with your friends and all of it with a tall jar of LIIT? Get 2+2 on LIITs (from Mondays-Thursdays) at the party cynosure, Vintage Machine Cocktail Bar, exclusively for Knocksense members!

Location: Ground floor, Summit, Gomti Nagar

2+2 on Drinks @ Molecule

Drive the party home, people! Hit the lit Molecule Gastro Air Bar and get 2+2 on drinks only on your Knocksense apps. If this doesn't sound like you must snatch it right away, we don't know what will!

Location: RiverSide Mall, Vipin Khand, Gomti Nagar

2+1 on all drinks @ Black Brewhouse

Whether you're a beer person or enjoy other delish elixirs as much as an average Lucknowite, this offer is for you! Head to Black Brewhouse at Summit and avail any of the following, only via your Knocksense apps:

2+1 on all drinks

2+2 on fresh beer

Location: 15th Floor, Rohtas Summit, Gomti Nagar

2+2 on drinks @ LOD Regnant

If you've a thing for all things grand in life, you must know about the lavish bar at Lord of the Drinks, The Regnant! The diverse range of cocktails here leaves you spoilt for choice. And when here, utilise your 2+2 offer on drinks, on your Knocksense apps!

Location: 6th floor, The Regnant, Officers Colony, Nirala Nagar

2+1 on LIIT @ Bigg Daddy

A whack weekend is calling you and you must invoke the party enthusiast residing inside you! Grab the 2+1 on LIITs deal (available on Friday-Saturday) at Lucknow's Bigg Daddy before it's too late, people!

And, you know the drill. Get perusing on your Knocksense apps now!

Location: 6th floor, Cyber Heights, Gomti Nagar

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