Plan a kid's day out at Awadh Gallery, the latest attraction in Lucknow Zoo

Plan a kid's day out at Awadh Gallery, the latest attraction in Lucknow Zoo

Featuring three halls depicting the history of Awadh, Lucknow State Museum gets new 'Awadh Gallery'

Lucknowites, you now have a new spot to head, where you can learn about the cultural history of the city and the region. We're talking about the newly-inaugurated 'Awadh Gallery' at the State Museum.

It is noteworthy that this is the fourth gallery to be added to the museum in December. And that takes the total number of galleries to 14. This new gallery has been inaugurated but is yet to open for the public.

What's special about the new gallery?

This new gallery in Lucknow is spread across three halls, with each hall portraying a distinct aspect of Awadh's history. The first hall has posters depicting history, culture, and map of Awadh under the Mughal reign, along with artwork showcasing the importance of Lord Rama during the period.

The entrance to the second hall is inspired by the iconic Hussainabad Gate of Lucknow. In addition to that, the gallery also features an audio-visual representation of various aspects of life during Awadh's Nawabi era.

The third hall at the gallery comprises models that showcase the daily life of the Nawabi royalty, also including models showing the Begums playing chess. Furthermore, the gallery also houses silicon statues of Nawabs like Amjad Ali Shah and Wajid Ali Shah.

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