Police to maintain strict vigil as curfew eases in Lucknow, Kanpur other UP districts

Police to maintain strict vigil as curfew eases in Lucknow, Kanpur other UP districts

All UP districts have been directed to make necessary arrangements ahead of the anticipated third wave of coronavirus.

Amid the improving scale of healing trends in Uttar Pradesh, the state government has permitted further ease in the COVID curfew protocols, effective from June 21. At the same time, the police department has been directed to maintain strict vigil to persist the infection arrest. Reportedly, patrolling will be stepped up across all districts to ensure compliance with state prescribed norms and deter large crowd gatherings.

Prevention is better than cure

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The state of Uttar Pradesh has prepared for proactive monitoring provisions while awarding COVID relaxations across all districts, in wake of the possible rise of a third infection wave. The Chief Minister has directed all districts to make proper arrangements, streamlined with the analysis and recommendations of the state-level expert committee. He also ordered to conduct awareness drives to encourage COVID-appropriate behaviours, to restrict infection spread.

According to a government spokesperson, the Chief Minister said, "The state with a population of 25 crores could control the pandemic because of better teamwork. Now, most of the districts are not reporting any fresh Covid cases." Likewise, necessary safety provisions should also be undertaken ahead of the anticipated third wave.

"UP has proved that be it the Covid-19 pandemic or any other challenge, if efforts are done with the spirit of collective endeavour and responsibly, then it does not take time to achieve positive results", the spokesperson informed.

Vaccination defence against COVID-19

The government spokesperson added that the vaccination drive is set to accelerate further in UP by force of the Central government's free jab policy. As per reports, from today onwards, the Union will be supplying free vials to the states to innoculate the 18+ age group.

"So far, the state has administered a total of 2.56 crore doses of the (Covid-19) vaccine. Among them, 40.23 lakh people in the state got both their doses while 1.47 lakh doses were administered to the youth," he added.

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