Lucknow's Polytechnic Chauraha to be renamed & revamped!

Lucknow's Polytechnic Chauraha to be renamed & revamped!

A 'No Vehicle Zone' shall be created up to 50 metres around the crossing, to ensure smooth traffic movements at the junction.

One of the busiest road intersections in Lucknow, the city's Polytechnic Chauraha near Indira Nagar, faces traffic jams on a regular basis. In view of this, the district administration and the police authorities of Lucknow, have come up with a new plan to convert the road junction into an 'ideal intersection'. Besides alleviating the problems related to traffic jams in the morning and the evening, the latest intervention will also help in saving the time of the commuters.

'No Vehicle Zone' to be set up in a 50-metre radius around the crossing

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Notably, the roads that emerge out of the Polytechnic intersection, lead to frequented locations like Sitapur, Faizabad, Barabanki and Shaheed Path, amongst others. Thus, the spot witnesses a large count of vehicles throughout the day while the morning and evening hours are marked by a clutter of commuters.

Recently, the Joint Police Commissioner, CP Mordia, had called a meeting of the top officials to discuss the issues of traffic jams at road intersections and tri-way road crossings in Lucknow. During this meeting, the officials were instructed to take steps for dissolving the traffic jams. Further, it was decided that the Polytechnic Chauraha will be transformed into an 'ideal intersection'.

As a part of the proposed plans, a 'No Vehicle Zone' shall be created up to 50 metres around the crossing, to ensure smooth traffic movements at the junction. Once this policy is implemented, no auto-rickshaws, e-rickshaws and other vehicles shall be permitted to halt or park within the 50-metre radius of this busy intersection.

Signal related issues to be resolved

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Additionally, the JCP has also ordered officials to make sure that the problems being caused by the signal must be resolved at the earliest. While the signal timings will be set depending on the pressure of vehicles on the routes, the officials will also initiate steps to correct other problems related to the signals. Besides, citizens will be informed about the traffic rules and any violation of the stated protocol will result in penalties.

As per reports, the Polytechnic Chauraha will be renamed as 'MIG Chauraha', in recognition of the defence aircraft. In addition to this, a green belt will be set up around the crossing, to beautify it further.

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