New 44-bed facility setup at Lucknow's RMLIMS for patients facing post-COVID complications

New 44-bed facility setup at Lucknow's RMLIMS for patients facing post-COVID complications

Among the available beds, 24 will be dedicated ICU beds to treat patients with severe complications.

On Tuesday, a 44-bed post-COVID facility was inaugurated in Lucknow's Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences. Established under the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, this facility shall cater to patients suffering from post-COVID complications. Among the available number of beds, 24 will be dedicated to the Intensive Care Unit, which has been set up with an aim to treat patients with severe complications.

Patients to be treated free of cost

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A post-COVID care facility has been inaugurated in the presence of several medical professionals, including Dr. P. K. Das, Dr. Vikram Singh and Dr. Shrikesh Singh, among others. This facility comes as a huge relief for patients suffering from complications caused post recovery from the coronavirus infection.

This setup has been established after it was noticed that despite the RT-PCR test report being negative, patients were suffering from severe health issues. Some patients even need oxygen support to survive after recovering, owing to which, sending them home proves fatal in some cases. This facility shall help in providing better care and treatment to such individuals.

Further, it has been reported that patients admitted to this post-COVID care space will not be charged for the bed and treatment they receive here. This decision has been issued for the benefit of the public, which is already grappling with financial losses during these difficult times.

OPD services at RMLIMS resumed on Monday

The case tally in Lucknow has registered a significant decline, leading RMLIMS to resume its OPD services. Consequently, the number of OPD patients on Tuesday at RMLIMS was quite high, owing to which the counters were jam-packed. It is expected that in the coming days, the influx of individuals in the OPD will be hefty, hence, the hospital administration has started making arrangements to accommodate the needs of all.

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