Presenting ‘Keema on Your Plate’- Lucknow’s first Keema Cafe!

Presenting ‘Keema on Your Plate’- Lucknow’s first Keema Cafe!

Lucknow has a new place to hangout- Keema on Your Plate is here to take care of your hunger pangs using its innovative menu.

At KYP, you will find keema as the main ingredient in all dishes, be it maggie or your favourite momos. Keema on Your Plate a.k.a. KYP is a new cafe that has bowled us over.

For The Heart

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Located next to The Chocolate Heaven on the busy streets of Gomti Nagar KYP is quite easy to spot because of its outstanding exterior.

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Enter KYP and the first thing that will strike you is the eye-popping array of colours reflecting the retro-style ambiance. Right from the furniture to the windows everything has been hand picked to give you the perfect retro feel. The subtle music adds to the charm of the place.

Your hunt for a private club ends at KYP!

They don’t just serve strikingly different dishes but also offer something which no other cafe in Lucknow does. ‘Keema on Your Plate’, can be turned into a private club, for your personal parties and gatherings.

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Book this place for an hour or two, and you will totally love it.

For the taste buds

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The concept of KYP is fascinatingly unique and revolves around the traditional minced meat delicacy that no nonveg lover can resist— Keema.

They have keema on almost every dish in the kitchen, from burgers to maggi to momos and it is absolutely delightful. They even provide veg keema alternatives for the vegetarian clientele, as well as some of the most delicious sandwiches and shakes to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

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Knock Knock

Not only do they live up to their standards in terms of quality and quantity, they also host a well trained staff and extremely well-priced dishes . Their Keema Momos and Chocolate Shake are popular recommendations. On the whole, KYP is sure to excite your palate with its quirky and flavoursome concept.

So next time when you are planning a hangout in Lucknow, think keema, think KYP!

Cost for two: Rs 300 (approximate)

Address: 3/553, Vivek Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.

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