​Private universities in UP can now set up off-campus centres in accordance with NEP 2020

​Private universities in UP can now set up off-campus centres in accordance with NEP 2020

Reportedly, colleges that meet with the government norms, have also been granted authority to upgrade into a university.

The Uttar Pradesh government has amended the Private Universities Act, 2017, to allow private universities in the state to open off-campus centres here. This revision has come in consonance with the New Education Policy 2020, which permits all private varsities to set up centres outside their main campus. Reportedly, these new centres will be operated and maintained as the constituents of the universities, however, will not be affiliated with the main campus.

New amendment to increase avenues of higher education in UP

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Changing the operative landscape of higher education, the state of Uttar Pradesh has given private universities here the authority to set up off-campus centres. Deputy Chief Minister, Dinesh Sharma, announced the new provision late on Tuesday night, that aims to propel university registrations, across all districts, under the ambit of the National Education Policy 2020.

"The NEP calls for an increase in enrolment by setting up one higher education institution in each district. New off-campus centres will meet the expectations of enrolment as stated in NEP.", said the Minister.

Granting autonomy to private universities

Meanwhile, colleges that meet with the government norms, have also been granted authority to upgrade into a university. This move has been positioned to promote private investment in higher education. As per reports, colleges can scale up, even if they are not in the name of a sponsoring authority.

Additional Chief Secretary of Higher education, Monika S. Garg said, "Earlier, only those institutions which were in the name of sponsoring authority could apply for upgradation. Those institutions, which were in the name of degree college, had to transfer it to the sponsoring authority for upgradation into a university which involved procedural hassles." The state has now eased the process, where colleges will also be updated and established as private universities, in accordance with the Private Universities Act, 2017, she added.

The amendment dispenses autonomy to private universities, which no longer need the state's affirmation while setting up their first statutes. The authority to ratify the first statutes has now been allocated to the university's executive council, read reports.

-With inputs from IANS

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