Production of oxygen cylinders, sanitisers & COVID testing kits in UP gets a major boost

Production of oxygen cylinders, sanitisers & COVID testing kits in UP gets a major boost

During the COVID pandemic, the state provided medical necessities across different parts of the nation and the globe.

Streamlining its aspirations for improved medical infrastructure in the state, the Uttar Pradesh government is executing multiple measures to boost the production of medical equipment. Keeping in view the ongoing COVID pandemic, the state administration has also accelerated the manufacturing of hydroxychloroquine, oxygen cylinders, sanitisers and COVID testing kits. This measure ensures that sufficient healthcare services are available to the last beneficiary in line.

Medical resources from Uttar Pradesh travel to different parts of the world

In the past few months, Uttar Pradesh has not only assured coherent COVID management in the state but has also provided aids to 27 different states in terms of sanitisers and medical equipment. In addition to this, medicines and other resources from the territory are also being supplied to umpteen foreign nations. While the state had 86 centres for producing hand sanitisers in February 2020, it has augmented this count, taking it to 151. Further, ample quantities of Remedesivir and Tocilizumab injections are also being provided in the state.

With expanding cover of the COVID virus in almost all parts of the world, an anti-malarial and anti-inflammatory drug called hydroxychloroquine caught significant attention in the battle against the pandemic. Observing the state's potential in the production of this drug, the Uttar Pradesh government has permitted a pharma firm in Amroha to develop hydroxychloroquine. This shall directly translate into increased accessibility of the drug.

State government executes projects for reducing oxygen shortage

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Amplifying the oxygen manufacturing plants from 23 to 40, Uttar Pradesh now produces nearly 33,600 Oxygen cylinders per day. Besides, the government has addressed concerns of lagging oxygen supply, by setting up centralised plants in several hospitals of the state. It is expected that this intervention shall be conducive to eradicating the scarcity of the jumbo oxygen cylinders.

VTM manufacturing sites to be established in the state

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The current plans also indicate that VTM tube production centres will be incepted in the state. As per the proposals, the VTM tubes used for COVID testing shall be manufactured across four hubs in Uttar Pradesh. In this regard, the government has already issued licenses for the production sites in Lucknow, Noida and Ghaziabad. Before the pandemic hit the state, there was not a single centre of this kind in Uttar Pradesh.

In order to increase the ICU facilities, the state government is also engaged in the direct purchase of equipment like PPE kits, High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC), Ventilators, Oxygen cylinders. As per the statements of a government spokesperson, Uttar Pradesh now has ventilators across public hospitals in all its 75 districts. In addition to this, 2 lakh isolation beds and supply of sanitisers in the remote corners of the territory reflect the state government's commitment towards a sound medical infrastructure.

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