Public movement halted temporarily at the Lohia flyover in Lucknow's Gomti Nagar!

Public movement halted temporarily at the Lohia flyover in Lucknow's Gomti Nagar!

Here's what has happened-

All movement on Lohia flyover in Lucknow has been temporarily called off due to a major accident. All those coming from the Samtamulak crossing area, should consider taking the alternate road to go towards Polytechnic, as an SUV caught up in flames, has led to restriction of movement on the flyover, that ends at the Lohia hospital. The traffic police has taken the initiative to divert traffic to avoid a traffic jam, despite the hinderance. No casualities have been reported so far.

Accidental fire at Lohia Flyover

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A Toyota Fortuner caught fire due to unknown reasons, emitting thick black smoke, alerting the people of an accident. The flyover is the primary route that connects Vipin Khand to Vibhuti Khand, two primary colonies of Lucknow's Gomti Nagar. However, due to the incident, authorities have curtailed the public from using the flyover until the debris is cleared and the issue is resolved.

Construction work to cover the railings, reaches its last leg!

The flyover had already been experiencing an accumulation of vehicles at short distances as construction work to pack its railing has been in motion since the last few weeks. The development authorities had provisioned to block the road in small pockets, to safely conduct the work and regulate the traffic simultaneously. Traffic through this route is now being diverted to the road that runs parallel to flyover, which exits before the Polytechnic chauraha.

As reported by Nilesh Mall

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