New in Lucknow: Purple Foods is stirring up city's culinary scenes & how!

New in Lucknow: Purple Foods is stirring up city's culinary scenes & how!

Purple Foods debut in Lucknow with their one destination, one stop eatery

Does your agenda this weekend include getting a meal and refreshing drinks with friends/family? Does it also include an argument where you can't agree on where to eat because that one guy in your group is always craving for kebabs, and your best friend wants nothing more than a mocktail to beat the day’s blues and you’d rather have a hearty burger and call it a day!

Well, Lucknowites, in that case, we’ve got news for you! Having marked their debut in the city that loves to eat, only last month, Purple Foods is synonymous with the most indulgent and diverse cuisines all under one roof. They are an instant word-of-mouth hit! An exciting eatery shaking up Lucknow’s culinary landscape by merging high-end food, with authentic familial influences and pan-relish cuisine. Turn over the menu to explore a map of taste-bud-Asia.

Biryani or Chinese? There's something for everyone!

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Purple Foods is all set to introduce AI-cooked food to the people of Lucknow. Every single spoonful, pinch or slice is served with utmost love and hygiene here. With a variety of sub-brands, like Purple Panda- Kungfu Chinese for authentic Chinese, Sultanate-e-biryani for biryanis and kebabs, Indie Feast- curries of India for wholesome authentic Indian meals rounded off with desserts, Red Bubble Café- leisurely yours for a mix of American & Italian cuisine junk food and finally, Faloodah- sweet treasures for your ideal weather mocktails, Purple Foods is set to be one of the biggest food hubs in Lucknow.

The different cuisines under each of their sub-brands, all existing under one roof, are mastered by different chefs, dipping into different cultures and extracting the most delicious ingredients to create hearty recipes that pull no punches. With modern twists and traditional and international influences – every item on the menu has been carefully selected and considers other cultures to suit India's taste diversity.

Only when are there are just breadcrumbs (or in our case – nothing) left in front of you, will you realise ‘yaar aaj zyada khaa lia!’ Some courses come with a sense of elegance, while others are laid on our bare hands to be wolfed down in a single mouthful. All the drinks here are also refreshingly reasonably priced, with an emphasis on tickling your taste buds, of course. The drinks offering is also surprisingly plentiful with an intriguing selection and with innovation being as good as the food.

The reign of Purple Foods in Lucknow has just begun

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Time spent here and flavors savoured, leave a better taste in the mouth than hopping around the entire city trying to make every foodie in your family/friends circle happy. Their modus operandi is a welcome reminder of what it really means to be a one-destination eatery. You could either just opt for what you came to eat, or change your mind on the spot, to match the mood of the minute. Or you could be a devil and opt for both. The team works flawlessly together, with tangible passion and a real family atmosphere, to ensure an evening of delightful food and drinks.

You can find them in DLF MyPad, in Gomtinagar or just order away on Swiggy or Zomato! Apart from Lucknow, they are also present in Kolkata, Kochi and Mumbai! Hurry up to your nearest outlet now, or you might miss the awesome Republic Day offers offering food combos at just ₹ 73, for the outlet goers and starting at ₹ 99 for the online shoppers! Adhering strictly to COVID precautionary norms, making sure your food is untouched and made hygienically, Purple Foods is all set to cater to the foodies of Lucknow.

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