PVR Cinemas is offering free tickets & others perks to fully vaccinated visitors till August 12!

PVR Cinemas is offering free tickets & others perks to fully vaccinated visitors till August 12!

Through the introduction of the 'JAB' offer, PVR Cinemas is giving free perks to the fully inoculated indiviudals.

If the pandemic-induced lockdown has fueled up your movie cravings, you are surely up for a treat with the new policy of PVR cinemas! All you need is a double dose vaccination to win free additional tickets and popcorn tubs at the PVR run halls and multiplexes when you purchase one for yourself. Through the introduction of the 'JAB' offer, PVR Cinemas is giving free perks to the fully inoculated individuals.

Purchase a ticket to get one free with the 'BOGO' offer

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Launched with an objective to encourage people for taking the vaccine jabs, the scheme will also help in increasing the footfalls at the facilities. According to the terms of the offer, a fully inoculated visitor will be entitled to ask for an additional free ticket(BOGO). Besides, your grub cravings are also covered when you are at the PVR facilities, for the purchase of a Popcorn tub will get you another absolutely free of cost!

Operational since the resumption of theatres on July 30, the PVR JAB stands extended till the 12th of August, 2021. As per reports, the benefits of this offer can be availed across the country, where PVR has received permission to reopen. This excludes the territories of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Pondicherry. Further, the offer is applicable to all movies across different languages and genres.

Additional benefits for PVR privilege customers

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In addition to the above, PVR has also come up with a list of advantages for its Privilege Customers. Now, they can get twice the usual points for both Tickets and Food Spends. If you want to get a free ticket, you can book yours on BookMyShow apart from PVR Website, Mobile App and at the Cinemas.

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