Lucknow News | PWD plans to introduce 'Road Repair Ambulances' for curing the 'pothole epidemic'

Lucknow News | PWD plans to introduce 'Road Repair Ambulances' for curing the 'pothole epidemic'

PWD plans to deploy these vehicles in the city post monsoon and these machines can further introduced in other cities as well.

In a bid to make Lucknow city roads pothole free, the UP Public Works Department (PWD) has started a pathbreaking initiative by deploying special 'Road Repair Ambulances'.

The road truck-based vehicle features a red and white theme, with the label "Sadak Marammat Ambulance." Officials have reported that this vehicle is equipped with a cutting-edge machine capable of swiftly repairing road patches, completing the task within a 5-minute timeframe.

One of the road ambulances was tested out in the city

One of these vehicles was tested in Lucknow last Saturday, which worked on repairing the stretch from Gandhi Setu in Gomti Nagar towards Kalidas Marg.

As per the PWD officials, the road repair ambulances will further be equipped with GPS technology and cameras. Every machine will be able to cover an area of 5 km in a day. Furthermore, the machine will use cold mix technology which is less harmful to the environment.

PWD intends to deploy these vehicles within the city after the monsoon season. There are plans to introduce these machines to other cities as well. However, while the department asserts the capabilities of these vehicles, their actual effectiveness in addressing the city's road quality issues remains to be observed.

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