Lucknow feels filmy with the launch of B-town's next rom-com Pyar Mei Thoda Twist

Lucknow feels filmy with the launch of B-town's next rom-com Pyar Mei Thoda Twist

Pyar Mei Thoda Twist is set to hit the silver screens on February 18

B-Town's next rom-com and action drama, Pyar Mei Thoda Twist has dropped its trailer and it's got all our attention with its tangled storyline, leaving us curious for the silver screen feature! If you happen to be a Bappi Lahiri fan, you're in for a bigger surprise because this film, is set to bring back the classic feel of the '80s and '90s to the cinema halls with its music!

Set in a small town near Lucknow, this Partho Ghosh directorial has been made to make you fall in love while giving you a hearty laugh all through. And if you are in the mood for a jolly good time - it definitely is your matinee time! A joint production by VSB pictures Pvt. Ltd & Vivek Film House, Pyar Mei Thoda Twist will be released in theatres on February 18.

The twisted tale of love, humour & drama!

[rebelmouse-proxy-image photo_credit="" pin_description="" dam="0" site_id=20074994 caption="A still from" photo_credit_src="" crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1] A still from Pyar Mei Thoda Twist

Starring some of the most iconic names of the world of theatrics such Mukesh Bharti, Govind Namdev, Richa Mukherjee, Rajesh Sharma, Pyar Mei Thoda Twist, much like its title is a twisted tale of romance that frames through drama, humour and action to keep the audience hooked.

The story opens to protagonists played by Richa and Mukesh falling in love with each other, despite knowing the old rivalry between their families. However, the plot thickens when the entry of Jwala Singh aka Mr. Wanted. What follows is a never-ending spiral of comedy of errors, misunderstandings, leaving the spectator to agree, that after all, 'Pyar mei thoda twist toh banta hi hai!'

[youtube caption="Pyar Mein Thoda Twist | Official Trailer | Mukesh J Bharti | Richa M | Partho Ghosh | Manju Bharti" site_id=20074994 photo_credit="" expand=1] Pyar Mein Thoda Twist | Official Trailer | Mukesh J Bharti | Richa M | Partho Ghosh | Manju Bharti

The story also features actor-producer from Lucknow, Arpit Sigh in a pivotal role. Many would recognise this young talent from his past projects, including popular web series and ad films. After Pyar Mei Thoda Twist, Singh will be seen in multiple big-banner South Indian films as the movie lead. Besides him, the cast also includes Alka Amin, Omkar Das Manikpuri, Atul Srivastava, Santosh Shukla to keep the audience entertained through and through!

This star-studded affair, Pyar Mei Thoda Twist has been produced Vijay Singh, Ajita Singh, Noor Fahtima, Manju Bharti & Mukesh Bharti, who believe that this cinema magic will surely capture people's hearts and minds.

And with mastermind Bappi Lehri and pop-star Kanika Kapoor's catchy tunes and easy melody ringing through, there's absolutely no way you'd want this movie. Don't take our word for it! The production has launched its entire music album, in association with Hungama and you can listen to the hook song right away, to sway along!

Knock Knock

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So if the plot and trailer have piqued your interest and left you wondering, if the rival families resolve their issues for a happily-ever-after or if Mr. Wanted actually soils it all, do make sure to hit the cinemas on February 18. Stay tuned for the drama to unfold soon, in this timeless rom-com that we're hoping is gonna be a super-entertaining one!

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