'Qaafirana' fame Indie artiste Arijit Anand shares woeful message of his song being pulled off

'Qaafirana' fame Indie artiste Arijit Anand shares woeful message of his song being pulled off

The singer-songwriter took to Instagram to throw light on his song disappearing from all streaming platforms, after a complaint by Zee Music Company.

In the last decade, Indie Music has created ripples and has risen as a famous genre and independent music artistes have been the driving wheel behind this wave. However, there have been incidents where these singers have been mistreated.

From experiencing discomfort while performing to copyright infringement, there's still a long way to go for our local artistes to receive the respect they well deserve. In one such recent case, 'Qaafirana' fame Arijit Anand took to Instagram to throw light on his song being pulled off from all streaming platforms.

What was the issue?

In this Insta post, he revealed that his song disappeared from all platforms, occurring from a rights dispute filed by Zee Music Company.

"Today is a sad day for me. My song 'Qaafirana', which had been performing remarkably well on various streaming platforms (and) garnered an impressive 600,000 streams on Spotify alone, has been abruptly removed from all streaming platforms," he wrote in a heart-felt message.

He continued to explain the alleged baseless reason behind the same, "The cause behind this unfortunate development stems from a formal rights dispute, the beginning of which lies in an email received by my distributor. The email conveyed that Zee Music Company has launched a rights dispute against my song, Qaafirana," In addition, there was no legitimate explanation provided before removal of the song.

"The struggle of crafting something original, conceiving a fresh idea, carefully writing and composing it, undergoing the often pricey production process, launching it and then promoting it is already a challenging task and for what purpose? To see it eradicated from existence by (a) giant music label that holds no legitimate rights over it whatsoever," he concluded in a woeful note.

The singer-songwriter explained that the song is an original composition and happens to be very close to his heart. Moreover, Anand prodded the music giant to look into the issue and resolve the same.

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