Rain-dance parties & other Holi celebrations cancelled in Lucknow amid surging COVID scare

Rain-dance parties & other Holi celebrations cancelled in Lucknow amid surging COVID scare

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In an order issued by the Lucknow Police Commissionerate and District Magistrate, all rain dance parties and other such celebrations on the occasion of Holi, stand cancelled in Lucknow. Circulated late on Tuesday evening, this notification detailed that all permissions awarded for all Holi events, including dance programmes, cultural programmes and other such public parties in the city have been annulled with immediate effect. This restraint has been moved in the state capital under the National Epidemic Act 1897 amid the surging COVID scare.

All cultural activities suspended in the city!

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Lucknow district authorities and law enforcement have jointly enforced a blanket suspension of all cultural activities in Lucknow. As per the order, all programmes, gatherings and other such public events, be it cultural or social will remain suspended until further orders.

Prior permission needed to organise events

If one wants to organise an event until then, they have to procure special permission from the concerned district authorities, the order detailed. The organisers of these events will have to ensure that the attendees adhere to all established coronavirus preventive protocols, such as maintaining social distance and wearing a face mask at all times. The hosts also need to ensure that there is ample provision of hand sanitisers on the event venue.

Despite this relaxation, the district has strictly banned the entry of elderlies aged 60 years and above and children aged 10 years or below from all gatherings, events and parties. Violators of all aforementioned guidelines will be prosecuted under the Epidemic Diseases Act 2020 and the National Disaster Management Act 2005, the notification concluded.

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