Lucknow Metro increases 'stay in limit' to ensure controlled traffic for maximum safety

The public transport system is regulating on its usual time table from 6 AM to 10 PM from in the city.

The nationwide Unlock 4 paved way for the Lucknow Metro to relaunch its operations. The public transport system is regulating on its usual time table from 6 AM to 10 PM from in the city. With stringent social norms at the station and precautionary measures in the carriage units, the special transport vehicle is ferrying its local crowd with paramount safety, efficiency and ease. Apart from that, the administration has also extended the 'Stay in limit' inside the metro station premises from 90 to 120 minutes, September 11 onwards. This will definitely help in maximising the safety of the travellers.

Convenience Restored

Lucknow Metro resumed operations on September 7 after being shut for 5 months. However, with its resumption, the Metro Administration has increased the passenger 'Stay in Limit' to 120 minutes and time limit for exiting source station to 20 minutes. This extended stay has been imposed as a precautionary measure to prevent over-crowding of entry and exit points of the station as well as inside the metro carriages; the numbers of commuters have been on a steady rise since the resumption of services. An average of 10,000 passengers use the metro as a means of daily transport and to impose the state authorised SOP and norms of social distancing, the 'Stay in Limit' will be witnessing a stretched time limit from September 11 onwards.

With these protocols in place, Lucknow Metro is all set to emerge as a safe and convenient means of transport for its people, at a stupendous speed; covering its entire route from CCS Airport to Munshipulia in a record time of 40 minutes! With almost all units back on track, the schedule stands unchanged and the efficiency remains unbeatable.

Knock Knock

By prioritising passenger safety and convenience, the UPMRCL has yet again proved that the Lucknow Metro is a public transport system for its people. This extended Stay in Limit, yet again coincides with the Lucknow Metro's motive of making every passenger's metro journey easy and memorable. So, dear Lucknowites, it is time to say goodbye to the peak-hour road traffic and greet the comfort, convenience, safety, speed and the overall magnificence of the Lucknow Metro's primely sanitised and monitored transport services.

Eco-friendly Dussehra: 21 feet Ravan effigy to burn in Indore without fireworks

Every year, Indore celebrates Dusshera with extravagance and effigies as high as 100 feet accompanied by fireworks that lit up the sky.

Festivities have taken a subdued tone in the city of Indore with respect to the active spread of the coronavirus. Around 300 places in the city will witness the ritual of Ravan Dahan in the city, including prime spots of Dusshehra ground, Chimanbag ground, Vijay Nagar. However, all events of Dusshera celebrations in Indore will be organised as per the guidelines issued for COVID-19 control in the city. On the brighter note, this also means that for the first time Indoris will celebrate an eco friendly Dussehra.

Where every year, effigies as high as 100 feet, accompanied by firecrackers lit up the city skies, Dusshera 2020, will witness an absence of lavishness. This year, a symbolic Raavan Dahan will take place in Indore, upholding the city tradition. Effigies no higher than 21 feet will be alighted, and fireworks will stand cancelled. Further no participants will be invited to burn the city.

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Lucknow University to kickstart all UG & PG programmes from November

Classes for the first year- first semester PG and UG students of Lucknow University to commence from next week.

In a meeting presided by the Vice-Chancellor of the Lucknow University on Thursday, a decision to start classes for all Bachelors and Masters programmes offered by the varsity has been initiated. All lectures and classes of the University's incoming batch of 2020, will be conducted following the Flip Classroom Model, from next week, in November.

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This 150-year-old temple in Kanpur is dedicated to Ravan & opens for devotees only on Dusshehra!

Did you know that Ravan got his name from Lord Shiva & was an excellent Veena player?

While the rest of India prepares to burn effigies of Ravan on Dusshehra, there is a certain section of people who quietly line up outside a nondescript temple in Kanpur, to worship him instead. The burning of Ravan effigies is seen as a victory symbol of good over evil, however, at this 150-year-old Kanpur temple, devotees come to worship the king of Lanka, on the day of Dusshehra.
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Mumbai takes COVID-19 precaution: BMC say, sear masks or sweep roads for one hour

BMC has indulged in active campaigns to promote the use of masks in public place to arrest the spread of coronavirus

In a bid to encourage people to wear masks in public areas, the BMC has levied community service of sweeping roads or cleaning graffiti of the city walls upon citizen violators who refuse to wear a mask or pay the due fine for the same. This punitive action has been implied under the by-laws of the BMC's Solid Waste Management, which authorises the civic body to impose community service upon the public for spitting on the road.
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The number of new Covid-19 cases in Uttar Pradesh is declining and the recovery rate has increased to 91.91 per cent. In the last 24 hours, 2178 new cases were reported in the state, said the Health Department. State capital, Lucknow too is showing amazing results. Out of 61,472 cases, 57,228 have recovered while 3395 are currently undergoing treatment in the city.

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