'Realisation Curriculum' for students in UP schools to facilitate extensive growth & development

'Realisation Curriculum' for students in UP schools to facilitate extensive growth & development

An initiative of the state government, this scheme is expected to support all-round progress for young students.

Boosting extensive growth and development of young kids in the state, the Uttar Pradesh government is deliberating upon the introduction of a 'happiness curriculum'. Proposed to be functional as a pilot project from the next academic session, this scheme is expected to support all-round progress for young students. As per the current plans, this new program shall be called a 'realisation curriculum'.

Step to enhance learning and analytical thinking among kids

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Being used in schools of Delhi for students in grades one to eight, this inventive initiative launched by the Delhi Government has ushered in significant benefits. Through a list of programs aimed at enhancing the traits of social-emotional learning, analytical thinking, problem solving and relationship building, the happiness curriculum has turned its objectives into reality and worked to the advantage of young students.

Now, the District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) in Mathura has asked for approval from the Director-General, School Education, Vijay Kiran Anand to initiate this project. As per sources, this special curriculum would be executed in 200 primary and upper primary schools within the municipal limits. Furthering its plans, DIET is in talks with Shravan Kumar Shukla who was a part of the core team that prepared the happiness curriculum for Delhi.

'Realisation curriculum' to complement Mission Prerna

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Shravan, who is a government school teacher in Gorakhpur, stated that the programs under this curriculum attempt to enhance the level of happiness amongst children by involving them in interesting activities. This includes various workshops, story-telling sessions and other related purposeful activities.

In his submission to the higher authorities, DIET principal Mahendra Kumar Singh mentioned the 'Mission Prerna' initiated by the state government. He said that the government is already undertaking steps to upgrade foundational literacy and numeracy at the primary levels, which would be supplemented by a course on human values under the 'realisation curriculum'. In his letter, DIET Principal Mahendra Kumar Singh has said that at a time when the government has launched 'Mission Prerna', a campaign like this will help in inculcating human values in children.

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