Coronavirus cases in Lucknow on a rise again, number reaches close to 1000 in 24 hours

Coronavirus cases in Lucknow on a rise again, number reaches close to 1000 in 24 hours

Lucknow reported 999 cases on Sunday, 18 of these are front-line coronavirus doctors.

As the Nation and the state prepare for relaxations under the Lockdown 4, the city of Lucknow has recorded its highest ever spike in fresh cases. This increased number beats the previous high tally of 831 on August 11. The total cases right now have reached 26,856 and with this record high spike the capital has cemented its position as the worst hit in the UP.

Virus Strikes Again

These high numbers, especially amid a weekend lockdown stir anxiety and concern among the officials who are repeatedly unable to break the chain of transmission or arrest the spread of virus in the city. In about 24 hours, Lucknow has reported 999 cases out which 18 are front-line coronavirus doctors at the King George Medical University.

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On Sunday, around 4213 samples were tested in Lucknow and about 24% of these tested positive for the infection. This increase in the rate of transmission has resulted in about 26,856 cases in the city out of which over a double fold, 18,678 cases were recorded in the month of August.

With a stilted rate of recovery and surge in fresh cases, the city hospitals and other COVID care facilities deal with a heavy caseload of 7,168 cases in Lucknow. The steady fatality count which has claimed the lives of 346 individuals, the city has recorded the second highest mortality rate in Uttar Pradesh, following Kanpur Dehat.

A message for our readers

As Lucknow jump enters the nationwide Unlock 4, its people must understand the situation at hand. The cases are increasing and the virus hasn't been defeated yet. We request all people to take care of their personal and community hygiene and safety, follow precautionary protocols and practice social distancing at all time when outdoors. Vulnerable categories of people over the age of 60, pregnant ladies, people with comorbidity and young children are advised to stay indoors and only step out only in case of emergencies.

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