Rediscovering Lost Treasures: 6 forgotten spots in Lucknow in dire need of repair

Rediscovering Lost Treasures: 6 forgotten spots in Lucknow in dire need of repair

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In the midst of Lucknow's rapidly changing landscape, it's impossible to ignore the influx of modernity sweeping through our beloved city. New eateries, malls, and trendy hangouts seem to materialize overnight, bringing with them a fresh atmosphere.

However, amid the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's becoming increasingly evident that some of our cherished, older establishments are quietly fading away. Once vibrant locales now run the risk of being forgotten or overlooked. In this exploration, we delve into Lucknow's evolving story, shining a light on monuments, parks, and hangouts that were once the heart of the town. These places aren't just remnants of the past; they're living, breathing pieces of our city's history.

Yet, their current condition often tells a tale of neglect, prompting us to pause and reflect on the importance of preserving Lucknow's rich heritage. Join us as we uncover the untold stories behind these fading gems, urging for attention and care to safeguard the essence of our city's legacy.

#1. Indian Coffee House, Hazratganj

The Indian Coffee House (ICH) in Lucknow's Hazratganj used to be the go-to spot for everyone, from luminaries and bureaucrats to politicians and university students, just like its other branches in different cities. It wouldn't be wrong to call ICH, the Starbucks of the era gone by! However, that's not the case anymore.

With a skeletal staff, a menu that barely scratches the surface, and crumbling infrastructure, it's a far cry from its glory days. Damp walls, dysfunctional fans, power outages in the sweltering summer heat and hygiene concerns make it a tough spot to visit.

#2. Musical Fountain Park, Gomti Nagar

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Park in Gomti Nagar, better known as the Musical Fountain Park, used to be the hottest spot in town back in 2012! The beautiful fountains, functioning in sync with colourful lights and instrumental music, were the talk of the town.

Weekends saw visitors from every corner, drawn in by the allure of the park. But today, the magic seems to have faded. The grooving fountains stand still, robbing the place of its former charm. And as if that wasn't enough, we hear whispers of the elephant statues crumbling and a blatant lack of maintenance.

Sadly, for the newer generation, this spot might not ring a bell as the "Musical Fountain Park" unless the authorities decide to give it the revival it deserves!

#3. Indira Gandhi Planetarium, Daliganj

The Indira Gandhi Planetarium, a marvel of innovation back in the 1990s, boasted a futuristic design reminiscent of planet Saturn. Inside, it housed a treasure trove of knowledge about India's space endeavours and beyond, captivating visitors with its insightful exhibits. But perhaps its most awe-inspiring feature was its state-of-the-art projection system, boasting a staggering 180-degree screen – a technological wonder ahead of its time!

Even as modern cinema halls emerged in Lucknow, none could rival the immersive experience offered by the planetarium. Yet, sadly, the passage of time has not been kind to this once-pioneering institution. However, neglect has taken its toll over the years, with holes in the screen, outdated sound systems and worn seating too.

#4. Gomti Riverfront Park

The Gomti Riverfront park, though younger than other attractions on this list, already bears signs of neglect. While it remains bustling throughout the day, there's no regulated ticketing system at the entry points, leading many to bypass charges by using alternate routes and fences.

Additionally, the pervasive pollution in the river leaves a lingering stench along the stretch, exacerbated by garbage accumulating on the banks. Despite promises, recreational enhancements like boating and adventure sports which were planned never turned into reality.

#5. Baba Hazara Bagh, Thakurganj

The Bagh of Baba Hazara, steeped in history and named after a saint advocating communal harmony, was cherished even by the Nawabs of the 18th century. Legend has it that the saint drew his final breath beneath the shade of a venerable neem tree, which still graces the site.

Once adorned with lush greenery and a central monument, the garden has vanished over the decades, neglected by authorities who failed to prioritize its restoration. Today, the entrance to Baba Hazara Bagh is a narrow passage strewn with garbage, leading to a dilapidated scene. What was once a vibrant garden is now a mere patch of land, frequented by local children, while the monuments within stand surrounded by neglect and dirt.

#6. Rifa-e-Aam Club, Wazirganj (Near Christian College)

The Rifa-e-Aam club in Lucknow has a rich history steeped in India's freedom struggle against British rule. Once, the place served as a pivotal centre for anti-colonial activism, witnessing iconic moments that shaped the nation's path to independence. In 1920, Mahatma Gandhi delivered speeches on Hindu-Muslim unity at the Rifa-e-Aam club.

Yet, as time marches on, this bastion of defiance against colonial rule has fallen victim to neglect, its once-glorious halls now echoing with the clamor of scrap dealers and the idle chatter of parked vehicles.

Knock Knock

In the whirlwind of progress and development, it's no surprise that older projects often get overlooked in favour of shiny new ones. But let's not forget, these spots were once the pride of the city! They still have that spark, that potential to shine bright once again.

Imagine these places bustling once again with the laughter of visitors, both young and old, as they rediscover the allure and charm of these forgotten gems. With a little attention from the authorities, these once bustling spots can still be restored to their former glory, regaining their vitality and fame. Not only this, we can also contribute by urging the city administration for their revival.

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