Registrations for Lucknow Film Forum's Short Film Festival to open on March 15

Registrations for Lucknow Film Forum's Short Film Festival to open on March 15

Gear up for LFF's annual Short Film Festival, scheduled to take place in June.

Filmmaking is an art form that knows no boundaries. It's about passion and storytelling, and if you've got that, here's an event that'll fascinate you. Lucknow Film Forum (LFF) is gearing up for the another edition of the Lucknow Short Film Festival in June, and here's what makes it so different:

This short film festival prioritizes passion and creativity over fancy equipment or credentials. Whether you're a media student, budding filmmaker, or someone with a compelling story to share, LFF welcomes all! Regardless of whether you've shot on a phone camera or a professional one, your entry will be accepted at this event.

So bookmark the date, and seize the opportunity to showcase your short film in front of a panel of luminaries and experts from the Indian film industry.

What's the role of AMREN Lucknow Film Forum?

AMREN Lucknow Film Forum (LFF) dedicates itself to nurturing a talent pool of filmmakers and proficient experts spanning diverse cinematic verticals within Uttar Pradesh. LFF diligently curates webinars, masterclasses, workshops, film festivals and beyond, advancing the quality of cinematic excellence in the state.

With the upcoming second edition of the Lucknow Short Film Festival, LFF is once again opening its doors to aspiring filmmakers, students and creative minds from all corners of India. Moreover, the platform isn't just about showcasing films, it's about celebrating creativity in its purest form. That's why, this time around, LFF is excited to introduce a special category for those who capture their stories using nothing but their mobile cameras.

Showcase your short film at global calibre platform!

During the forthcoming edition of the Lucknow Short Film Festival, participants will be able to showcase their prowess under a wide array of categories including Amateur Filmmaking, Experimental Films, Documentaries, Feature Films and more.

Individual filmmakers, enthusiasts and auteurs from different verticals of cinematic craftsmanship will have the extraordinary platform to present their cinematic mastery before an eminent panel of industry stalwarts, thespians and influential producers.

If you aspire to present your short film at this prestigious festival, please note- submissions for the festival will open on March 15 and close on April 30.

LFF Film Challenge: Showcasing the stories of NGOs making a difference

In addition to the various categories of short film competitions at the festival, LFF has set aside a special category for participants. Here, filmmakers can create and present a short film that tells the story of any NGO of their choice. These films delve into the origin tales of NGOs, spotlighting their profound societal contributions. LFF invites colleges and universities to participate, urging media students to produce shorts focusing on NGOs. Winners in this segment receive certificates and cash prizes as recognition.

This event will include guest sessions from industry luminaries, be it renowned actors, directors, writers and more, giving participants to explore various aspects, verticals and intricacies within the film industry, making it a true celebration of cinema.

Along with short film competitions of various categories at the festival, Media and journalism students, freelancers, aspiring filmmakers, writers, and other students will have a fantastic opportunity to become part of a community of like-minded individuals.

Registerations open for volunteers

Furthermore, as part of their grand festival initiative, LFF has opened up entries for volunteers. These individuals will have the opportunity to collaborate with the highly creative team at LFF, assisting in the seamless orchestration of the event. In return for their valuable contributions, volunteers will receive various perks and certificates to acknowledge their participation and dedication. Register here!

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