Remediation technology to aid in treatment of sewage waters descending in Lucknow's Gomti River

Remediation technology to aid in treatment of sewage waters descending in Lucknow's Gomti River

Nets have been deployed to remove the green cover of weeds that have surfaced over an extended stretch of the river.

After the successful implementation of the remediation technology in Mathura and Agra, the technique will now be deployed for the rectification of the dirty sewage water that falls in Lucknow's river Gomti. Reports state that this method treats sewage water with the help of chemicals and bacteria. Reportedly, the remediation technology will help in cleaning the drain supplies flowing in from Bari Kalan, Faizullaganj, Gomti Nagar, Gomti Nagar Extension, Sahara City and Ghela.

River weeds being cleaned with the help of nets

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It has been reported that the waters from these seven drains do not pass through the Sewage Treatment Plants. In view of this, the remediation technology has been approved for treating this dirty water and the works are expected to commence soon. It has been instructed that the officials must ensure that the solid waste is not dumped into rivers. Here, it is essential to make sure that there are adequate barriers to block the hard waste in drain waters.

As per reports, the state Urban Development Minister recently conducted an inspection of the river along with the municipal commissioner and the mayor. While the minister expressed satisfaction over the cleaning of the river from Gomti Barrage to Hanuman Setu, he ordered to execute quick interventions along the stretch from Jhulelal to Pakka Pul. It is to be noted that the green cover of weeds surfacing the river is being cleaned with the help of nets.

Reports state that the river is being cleaned through collaborative efforts of the Lucknow municipality and the irrigation department. It is expected that the entire length of the river will be cleaned in the coming 10 days.

Knock Knock

While state efforts are definitely required to rehabilitate the Gomti, it is high time that we acknowledge the need for collective social steps for preserving the elixir of Lucknow's life. If we can promise environmentally sound behaviour at the individual level, we will together walk ahead towards a sustainable future.

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