Lucknowites, go Indigo with Route Craft's new ethnic collection!

Lucknowites, go Indigo with Route Craft's new ethnic collection!

Route Craft's latest offering Indigo is a perfect blend of tradition, comfort and trend

Lucknowites, if you're looking to find a one-stop shop where you can find outfits that are equal part statement-making and sophistication, you've reached the end of your search. Route Crafts, a homegrown brand, is a go-to shop for shoppers looking for unique minimalist designs that celebrate India and its diversity. The brand is a rare find that has managed to successfully blend the elegance of traditional print with contemporary fashion, which suits the consumers of today. This month, with the launch of their new collection, Indigo, and soon-to-launch website, Route Crafts is back to craft their way into our hearts!

Crafting your dreams Indigo!

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Route Crafts is known for using handwoven techniques, for their highly covetable and fresh styles. Their new collection, Indigo, is all about just that. With a catalogue ranging from unrestricted dresses to elegant traditional wear, Indigo is a collection made for everyone. From the Kalamkari prints of Andhra Pradesh, which are carefully hand-painted or block-printed cotton textiles, to Banarsi fabrics, that need no introduction. It makes you experience and browse through the diverse and unique handloom crafts of India, while sitting comfortably in your house.

Their new catalogue is made to suit the modern Indian woman, a conscious consumer, who loves adorning the richness of traditional crafts but equally enjoys hopping on to new trends, she is driven and ambitious while also having a sense of belonging for her culture and tribe. With the use of chemical and AZO-free, vegan dyes which enhance not just the colour of the clothes but also make the material and process ecofriendly, Route Crafts has quickly gained a fan base from shoppers all across India. On the pocket and quality, expect a handmade exclusive collection with pricing that ranges from 2500/- upto 3500/-

The brand boasts of a women-oriented production cell and uplifts weavers and artisans from across the country to ensure that you get the best quality clothing, touched with love, for Indians, by Indians. Find the collection live on Ajio, now!

Route Crafts to launch their website by the first week of February!

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Along with the eye-catching catalogue, that be styled with almost anything, and save your day, Route Crafts is also keen to make sure that every outfit that catches your eye is just a click away, literally! Launching their new website in the first week of February, with interesting introductory offers, Route Crafts is set to give you a tour of India with their outfits, while sitting in the comfort of your homes. Ditch the market runs, and the hassle of bargaining this winter, go to Ajio or and find yourself an outfit to rock your day in or your day out!

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