Royal Enfield to now upheave riding experiences for motorcyclists with its all-new app!

Royal Enfield to now upheave riding experiences for motorcyclists with its all-new app!

Endowed with an array of features, here's all you should know about the brand new Royal Enfield App!

A cult classic mean machine, the oomph of Royal Enfield is such that each passerby is bound to take a note and even if not within a visual distance, the revving thumps just leave a mark. One of the 'dream motorcycles' of umpteen motorcyclists, REs even have gearheads hooked with much gusto- the legacy associated with this name is such!

So if you have been eyeing an RE edition to add to your garage or just want to book a free test drive at home, then you should know about the all-new Royal Enfield App! Endowed with an array of features that allows you to book an RE directly, customize it to a T, amid other provisions, this platform is a holy grail for bikers.

Your Royal Enfield, made by you, for you

The Royal Enfield App acts as a 'traveller's companion, a rider's tool, an explorer's ally and ultimately a motorcyclist's delight'. With striking features and easy accessibility, the RE app rolls out a pure motorcycling experience! Via this kickass application, users can opt for a free test ride at home, book a Royal Enfield directly without hassles, customize it as per preferences alongside indulging in exclusive activities.

Check out the application features below, to fuel your yearnings of owing this royalty!

  • Book Your Motorcycle: On this app, you can easily book a Royal Enfield motorcycle. You just have to select the model of your choice and the preferred store. Payment methods are also integrated into the app so just with a few taps, owning a motorcycle is now possible.
  • Keep Riding: This platform gives you the privilege to explore and register for Royal Enfield rides and events along with your friends from the RE family! Users can curate their own adventure and head out for it. While riding, bikers can save their explored route and share it with others.
  • At Your Service: Motorcyclists can book a service with authorised service centres as per their preferred time slots and highlight any hiccups faced. The app comes with DIY videos for motorcyclists to prep for the next ride or to fix minor glitches by themselves. Roadside Assistance is also immediately available via this platform.
  • Navigate: The Royal Enfield app comes with a new Tripper Navigation Device with Royal Enfield Meteor, that directs the bikers turn by turn. A cellphone can be connected to the RE and upon entering the destination, the application maps out accurate directions and displays it on the motorcycle. Bikers can record their routes, share with friends or re-visit the saved routes, on the app.
  • Make-It-Yours: The Make-It-Yours (MIY) option helps bikers to explore and choose from a combination of features, to further personalise their motorcycle. Starting from the choice of tank colours to handlebars, seats to exhausts and mirrors to panniers- RE owners can have it all. Your Royal Enfield, made by you, for you.

Let your engine make all the noise!

The oldest motorcycle brand in continuous production, Royal Enfield is touted to be the only British motorcycle brand to be fully manufactured in India. It is said that one doesn't simply buy an RE- they indulge in a life-long romance on the roads. So if you've been meaning to test ride an RE while at home or want to own one right away, download the Royal Enfield App!

Lucknow has 5 Royal Enfield showrooms in areas including Badshah Nagar, Alambagh, Hazratganj, Telibagh, Balaganj and Jankipuram. Thus, if you need to book a test ride, any RE-related service or a new motorcycle, you can just log in to this application and let it heed to your requirements, as per your location and other conveniences.

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