RT-PCR negative report mandatory for those traveling to UP

RT-PCR negative report mandatory for those traveling to UP

The RT-PCR negative COVID report should not be older than 4 days.

With COVID cases on a rise again in several Indian states, travel norms in UP have been changed yet again. Passengers traveling to Uttar Pradesh from states having a high COVID caseload will now be allowed entry only after they produce a negative RT-PCR report. The negative certificate should not be older than 4 days. All travelers, irrespective of their mode of commute, be it road, rail, air or private vehicle, will have to comply with this norm. Only those who are fully vaccinated against the virus with both the doses, will be exempted.

Antigen testing & thermal screening for passengers arriving in UP

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Amid reports of high COVID resurgence in several regions of the country, the Uttar Pradesh administration has decided to implement the passenger screening order, where only those who are infection negative will be allowed entry. Officials have been directed to ensure contact tracing and testing of people coming from states with a high positivity rate. The passengers will also be subjected to antigen testing and thermal scanning on arrival in the state. The decision to make RT-PCR report mandatory comes amid high positivity rate in some cities of Maharashtra and Kerala.

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