200 students roped in to check & streamline Luknow's traffic, under 'Saathi' initiative

200 students roped in to check & streamline Luknow's traffic, under 'Saathi' initiative

The student volunteers will be trained on the basis of a proper curriculum designed by Lucknow's traffic police.

The Lucknow traffic police have set the wheels in motion for project 'Saathi', roping in 200 college students as volunteers to manage and streamline automobiles on the city roads. The initiative has been launched under the able guidance of the DCP of Traffic, who informed that the volunteers will be trained on the basis of a proper curriculum designed by the Lucknow traffic police for the same. Students will be deployed on roads twice a week, she stated, adding that it will further ease the city's traffic woes.

Special SPO ID-cards for volunteers on Lucknow roads

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All students volunteering with the traffic police department will receive authorised ID cards of the likes of SPO, ie, Special Police Officer. This will not only make the students feel valued and appreciated but also add in a sense of responsibility to conduct themselves and their duties, with accountability. Initially, the students will manage the traffic movement for two days a week - on Saturdays and Sundays and later they will join on-duty cops on weekdays as well, according to availability.

Volunteering students will undergo a proper curriculum-based training programme. This will include drills to handle basic traffic movement, the formation of a green corridor, tackling of VVIP escorts, assembly and general elections. Further, ways to regulate traffic during bandhs, festivals and cricket matches will also be taught here. Trainees will get to know about the road signs and safety measures so that they can share this knowledge with the people they come in contact with, the DCP informed.

The primary focus of the drive is to induct more man-power to regulate the traffic in Lucknow, which is swelling frequently. Every three months, the city roads are shouldering an excess burden of 10,000 vehicles, which is adding to the task of the cops and creating troubles for the people. Young students, under the novel 'Saathi' initiative, will help to inject a fresh wave of enthusiasm, aiding to ease the traffic woes.

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