Satiate your sweet tooth cravings with THESE winter-special items in Lucknow!

Satiate your sweet tooth cravings with THESE winter-special items in Lucknow!

Bookmark this list right away for a warm winter!

The winter season is synonymous with cosying up in razais while relishing a steaming bowl of gajar ka halwa, because honestly, that snug setup is all we need on chilly days. So whether it's a comforting glass of kadai doodh at night or garam-garam jalebis for breakfast, this list has all the desserts to make winters in Lucknow truly delightful.

Shahi Tukda

Starring first on this list is Lucknow’s favourite Shahi Tukda. It is basically a bread dipped in chashni and enriched with loads of pistachio and almonds to give you a crunchy forever lingering taste. This one is easily available at many iconic eateries of old Lucknow.

Jouzi Halwa

Another one on the list is Lucknow’s traditional Jouzi Halwa. Made with the gooey goodness of sprouted wheat, milk, khoya and dry fruits, this one will leave you craving for more. Visit Rehmat Ali Sweets Corner to get some of this treat and pair it with a puri and there, you are officially in for a food coma!

Shahi Sheermal

Another jewel coming up on this list is Shahi Sheermal. This sweet maida naan is made with saffron, milk and ghee and then finally topped with chopped nuts like almonds, walnuts and pistachios. One bite of this scrumptious sheermal and you'll be taken back to the Nawabo ka daur!

Kali Gajar ka Halwa

This rich and creamy dessert is all about winter indulgence. Kali Gajar ka Halwa is made with seasonal black carrots that are cooked till a melt-in-the-mouth consistency. It is not exactly black but deep shade of purple. You can also pair it up with dollop of fresh malai or vanilla ice cream and voila!

Makkhan Malai 

Winters in Lucknow are article incomplete without Makkhan Malai. It’s airy, sweet, fluffy and instantly melts in your mouth in no time. So pay a visit to Chowk‘s famous Akhbari Gate to devour this heavenly dessert ASAP.

Kadhai Doodh

With the onset of winters, it‘s time to wrap your hands around a warm kulhadh of Kadhai Doodh. Also known as Batte ka Doodh, this is a rich and healthy indulgence for winters, quite famous in Lucknow. You get to taste spices and dry fruits in the thick milk revolving in the mouth before you finally gulp it down.

Malai Gilori

Lucknow’s renowned Malai Paan or Balai Ki Gilori is made out of malai, stuffed with the richness of dry fruits, then folded just like betal paan. It is said that this delicacy was invented as a substitute to help Nawaz Wajid Ali Shah get over his addiction of paan. Whatever may be true, we're glad that it led to the creation of this mithai and easily available at Ram Asrey in Lucknow.

Knock Knock 

So, people, what are you waiting for, now that you have this list, venture out for a quick stroll to satiate your sweet tooth cravings!

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