Satisfying taste buds since 1979, head to Sahu Biryani, a timeless culinary gem in Lucknow

Satisfying taste buds since 1979, head to Sahu Biryani, a timeless culinary gem in Lucknow

Time to re-visit this old gem!

Nestled in the heart of Lucknow, Sahu Biryani continues to amaze and bring customers back, with its good old offerings, just like it used to back in 1979. Despite its modest takeaway-style setup, the popularity that this eatery enjoys is a testament to the city's love for authentic Awadhi delights.

As the kitchen comes alive every day, the alley next to the Sahu Cinema Complex (where Sahu Biryani is located) is filled with the aroma of rich spices from their flavourful delicacies.

Sahu Biryani doesn't just entice office-goers and students in the vicinity; it also intrigues foodies from all over India. Beckoning all with its spicy mutton offerings and an unbeatable charm, Sahu Biryani has truly stood the test of time and how!

For authentic Lucknawi Mutton Biryani

For ardent meat lovers, Sahu's Mutton Biryani reigns supreme. Unmatched in its authenticity, Sahu Biryani specialises in crafting the perfect Lucknawi Dum Biryani, a culinary treasure from Awadh. And this feast is incomplete without Sahu's juicy shami kebabs with a generous drizzle of salan!

Hotspot for tawa-fried, mutton-based dishes

Sahu Biryani is a hotspot for an array of tawa-fried, mutton-based delicacies. From the succulent boti kebab to kaleji fry, shami kebab, and chaap fry, each dish is a journey through the rich flavours of Awadh.

Add a spark in your life with Sahu's Mutton Chap Fry

A standout dish, the mutton chap fry is crafted with unripe banana that gives it the tender texture and secret ingredients that give it its unique taste. This juicy, flavourful, and irresistible dish will surely make you come back for more!

Tantalizing food, wallet-friendly prices

Adding to its charm, Sahu Biryani offers a delectable array of non-veg dishes at super wallet-friendly prices. A culinary haven where taste meets affordability, it's a must-visit gem in the heart of Hazratganj.

Where: Next to Sahu Cinema Building, Hazratganj

Timings: 12 AM to 4 PM (remains closed on Tuesdays)

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