Rooftop Solar installation in Delhi from HomeScape by Amplus Solar
Rooftop Solar installation in Delhi from HomeScape by Amplus Solar

Save up to 90% on electricity bills! Go Solar through MNRE's National Portal for Rooftop Solar

A grid-connected solar system lasts more than 25 years with minimum maintenance. Be a part of #HarGharSolar initiative.

Have you ever encountered something which gives you huge financial savings and at the same time, is good for the environment? With the rise in temperature, our electricity bills have skyrocketed.

If you own an independent house and want to cut down your electricity bill by up to 90%, this article is for you! If you believe in investing in clean energy, you'd be happy to know about the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy’s (MNRE) announcement about a simplified rooftop solar (RTS) scheme for grid-connected solar that can be facilitated by HomeScape by Amplus Solar.

On 31st July 2022, the Prime Minister launched the National Portal for Rooftop Solar, enabling online applications and tracking of installation of rooftop solar for homes.

Rooftop Solar installation in Lucknow from HomeScape by Amplus Solar
Rooftop Solar installation in Lucknow from HomeScape by Amplus Solar

Fundamentally, you are eligible to apply if you have an independent home. Now, why getting a rooftop solar plant is beneficial is what we will talk about soon. Why solar power? Because it is the only renewable source of energy, which is easy to harness, gives huge economic benefits and is good for the environment.

While there are many companies making this process seamless, HomeScape by Amplus Solar is one of the leading solar energy companies in India which has helped solarize 1,500+ homes across India. When you are investing in a product that is going to last for more than 25 years, make sure you get it from the best as the product comes with a performance warranty of 25 years.

National Portal for Rooftop Solar

The National Portal for Rooftop Solar provides a single online platform for users to apply for rooftop solar plant installation and solar subsidy advantages. The portal will allow applicants to easily track the progress of their grid-connected solar system installation project, from the initial application for solar panel for homes, to the final installation and inspection of the plant, and the subsequent release of the subsidy amount into the beneficiary's bank account. The streamlined process through the National Portal will undoubtedly promote solar installation among households by removing hurdles connected with the offline subsidy system.

Under the Simplified Rooftop Solar Programme by MNRE, consumers looking for residential solar systems, now have the flexibility to choose the solar installer of their choice from the list of solar developers empaneled on the National Portal. You can apply online to get the installation process going, schedule an inspection, track the process of the grid-connected solar system installation project and more.

How to Apply for Rooftop Solar Installation for your Home?

All you have to do is download the SANDES mobile app, and register on the National Portal by choosing your State DISCOM. Thereafter, provide your consumer or electricity connection number (you can find the same on your electricity bill). Verify your phone number and email ID and then fill out the online application. Once DISCOM gives the tech feasibility thumbs up, you can go ahead with the installation. Make sure to choose a solar installer registered with DISCOM to avail subsidy benefits.

Consumers will also be asked to sign the MNRE model agreement with the chosen solar energy company, to protect your interests. Post this, the registered solar installer will handle the process end to end. They will provide comprehensive maintenance of the rooftop solar plants for a minimum of five years under this programme.

Submit the relevant documents on the portal after the installation is complete for net metering and system approval. A physical inspection will then be undertaken by DISCOM officials. Once you receive a commissioning certificate and submit your bank details to be applicable for subsidy, you're all done!

The end-to-end process can be facilitated by the solar installer you chose to go ahead with. Contact HomeScape by Amplus Solar for hassle-free installation.

Go Green, Reduce your Electricity Bill & Get Rewarded with Solar Subsidy

Rooftop Solar installation in Chandigarh from HomeScape by Amplus
Rooftop Solar installation in Chandigarh from HomeScape by Amplus

Let's talk about the benefits. In a grid-connected rooftop solar system, you can take advantage of net metering. In a net metered connection, all you have to do is pay for the deficit power consumption cost (basically, the difference between solar power generated and the power consumed by the household). This is how you can drastically reduce your electricity bill by up to 90%. In case you generate more power than you can consume, DISCOM will pay you or even adjust your excess power in your next month’s electricity bill.

Along with this, you can also avail solar subsidy benefits. You will get Central Financial Assistance (CFA) by Central Govt. through the online portal for solar. Watch out for your state subsidy schemes as well. For the year 2022, the applicable subsidy amount for solar as per the National Portal is as follows:

For instance, if you opt for a 5kW solar system for your home, you will get a subsidy of Rs 14,588x3 + Rs 7,294x2 = Rs 58,748 from the Central Govt. in your bank account if you purchase your solar system from one of the registered solar installers on the National Portal.

One of the major changes in the solar subsidy schemes is for anyone installing solar at its residence for capacities above 10kW. Earlier, there was NO subsidy for solar systems above 10 kW.


India aims to produce 500 GW of clean energy under Mission 500 GW by 2030. These efforts have been undertaken to reduce carbon emissions and the cost of power to consumers.

If you're all for green and clean energy and would also like to benefit from the same, in a win-win scenario, contact HomeScape by Amplus Solar today for an end-to-end solar system installation and ride the solar wave!

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