Say adieu to long-term commitments & unused gym passes with the efficient Swasthya Bharat App

Say adieu to long-term commitments & unused gym passes with the efficient Swasthya Bharat App

Travelling or on a budget? Through the ideal gym-booking app, you can find gyms near you only in ₹19 per day!

Gym rats, anywhere you are, listen up! An exciting new venture can now change your life. Don't believe us? Swasthya Bharat, a saviour (in the form of a mobile app), is revolutionising the fitness arena and will get you a new perspective around the cost of gyms.

Besides the hefty fees that goes into the same and for months or even a year at a time, there's the added rigid factor that you're obligated to one gym and have to stick to the same. But fret not, because what we're gonna talk about here, is a total game changer.

Be Fit Anywhere and on Budget!

Well, coming to your aid and resolving the aforementioned issues all at once, the Swasthya Bharat introduces fitness anywhere and on budget. Precisely a gym-booking application, the Swasthya Bharat has been founded by visionaries Anchal Khandelwal and Vishek Srivastava. The aberrance around it lies in the fact that it has a pay-per-day option which is perfect for travellers and is economical.

As many as a whopping number of 4,000 gyms are listed here and currently available in more than 15 cities. And the gyms are divided into three categories — you can choose the place of your choice on the basis of primary, standard, and luxury gyms. Or you can also select centres depending on the location and their proximity to you.

"Swasthya Raho, Mast Raho"

All the more, this is also a win-win situation for gym owners who can benefit from the footfall, allowing them to diversify and expand with new customers, and, in turn, increase revenue.

So, people, "Swasthya raho, mast raho," by downloading the mobile app and taking advantage of the same in your city or whenever you're in the travelling mode. In case you don't find a gym in the area you're in, you can also reach out to the good folks at Swasthya Bharat and share your concern via the customer care option. They will aid you in providing a local centre in the region!

So, what is it that you're waiting for, people? At merely ₹19, you can reserve your slot for the day at your preferred gym. Please note, the coupon code PRIMARY19 will allow you to access all Primary Gyms at ₹19 daily! Go, go, go!

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