Schools in Lucknow & other UP districts to inoculate students planning to study abroad!

Schools in Lucknow & other UP districts to inoculate students planning to study abroad!

Lucknow's Modern School will provide vaccine jabs to both alumni and students.

The Uttar Pradesh government has decided that school students who are planning to pursue college education from abroad, will be vaccinated at their respective school campuses. Hence, students don't have to worry about getting vaccinated as the schools will facilitate this undertaking. Schools across Lucknow and other UP districts have welcomed this initiative, for it ensures that pupils get quality education, despite the pandemic.

Students to be vaccinated on school premises

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Apex health officials have been reported stating, that students are an important part of the vaccination drive being conducted across India. Thereby, a programme to vaccinate them, especially those leaving for foreign countries to pursue higher studies, will be chalked out soon. A similar initiative was recently implemented in Mumbai where students with assured acceptances were allowed walk-in vaccination at Rajwadi, Cooper and Kasturba centres.

Vax for students and alumni at Lucknow's Modern School

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The school authorities and administration, across the state, have welcomed this move with enthusiasm and wish to contribute to it for the welfare of their students. The Director of Modern School appreciated this initiative and said that the school will arrange vaccine jabs for both students and alumni.

As per reports, the President and Managing Director of the City Montessori School said, "We are in a process of arranging COID jabs for our students who are going for higher studies to universities abroad. Instead of letting pupils arrange their vaccination, we, as a school, can facilitate it."

-With inputs from IANS

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