Schools in Lucknow to reopen from October 15, for classes 10th & 12th

Junior school students will be allowed at a much later stage from now.

The schools in India shut down their premises back in mid-March pertaining to the ongoing pandemic and now after over 6 months, the Education Ministry on the 5th of October, has issued guidelines for their reopening. The Union government has permitted the resumption of classes in schools, in a phased manner after the 15th of October. Initially, 10th and 12th standard students in Lucknow will return back to schools and later, the classes 9 and 11 will be permitted to do so.

Timing & mode of reopening will be decided by individual states

This decision was undertaken at a meeting of UP Parents Association and UPSA, convoked by the DM of Lucknow. According to the discussions and decisions, it will not be mandatory for students to physically attend school. But pupils who wish to do so, must present a written approval from their parents or guardians.

Online classes will continue simultaneously for children who will opt for staying at home. Initially, the pupils of 10th and 12th standard will be allowed to enter their institutions, while strictly adhering to the COVID-19 safety protocols and if all goes well, students of classes 9 and 11 will be called in for the second phase. Junior school students will be allowed at a much later stage from now. Classes will be held in 2 shifts of 3 hours each, for six days a week and there will be no morning assembly for now. However, the timing and mode of reopening will be decided by individual states.

Mandatory precautions to be followed at all times!

Schools have been instructed to be equipped with medical kits consisting of oximeters and thermal scanners. Keeping hand sanitiziers and a medical room with 2 beds, has been made mandatory for schools. Temperature and the pulse readings of the students will have to be monitored at the time of entry and exit. School vehicles will ply with only 50% capacity, to ensure that the measures of social distancing is followed strictly. Overall sanitization on a daily basis will have to be carried out.

Run for the women, by the women, pink autos to ply on Kanpur streets soon!

Proposal to launch 'Women's Special Pink Auto' tabled, Regional Transport Authority may grant permission on January 28

In a bid to boost women employment in the city, RTO Kanpur has floated a proposal to initiate the services of women-operated autos under the label of 'Women's Special Pink Auto'. These vehicles will ferry only women commuters, creating a sense of security among them as they opt for means of public transport. As per reports, the project will be granted the final nod by the Regional Transport Authority, in a meeting scheduled on January 28.

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With an array of decorated artifacts, Jaipur's Dolls Museum is unmatched in all kinds!

Not just different costumes, the detailed accessories adorning the dolls will leave you awe-struck!

Are you wishing to go on a ride through myriad cultures around the world? Then, Jaipur Dolls Museum, with its wide range of unique artifacts, deserves all your attention. Displaying a variety of dolls representing multiple countries and cultures, the museum presents embellished models and statuettes. Not just their different costumes, the detailed accessories adorning the dolls will leave you absolutely enamored of them.

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A trip to the alluring Almora from Lucknow is all you need to beat the city blues!

Escape into the enticing landscapes of this bewitching hill station and witness the panoramic beauty of the Himalayas.

Located on the hem of the Great Himalayan Range in Uttarakhand, the city of Almora is a cosy tourist destination settled away from the chaos and regularity of the city life. Spread across a 5-km long ridge on the Kashyap Hill, this alluring hill station is raised at 1,638 meters above sea level, where the dwindling covers of pine and old oak allude an enchanting old-world magical charm.

Dear Lucknowites, if you are in need of a dire escape from your routine life, follow the trails of the mesmerising Almora and witness its enticing scapes along with the majestic glow of the snow-capped Himalayas!

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In a first, BEST replaces 4 non-AC buses with brand new AC decks on popular routes

The upgrade has been extended to city dwellers in response to commuter suggestions and demands.

The BEST has decided to induct 4 new AC buses to its fleet, replacing non-AC buses running on popular routes within the city. This is the first occurrence where the civic body has decided to initiate air-conditioned decks on routes of non-AC buses. As per reports, the upgrade has been extended to Mumbaikars in response to commuter suggestions and demands.

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DAVV directs Indore colleges to set-up anti-ragging committees for the benefit of students

As senior & junior batches return to Indore colleges tomorrow; DAVV has stated that anti-ragging bodies are imperative.

Indore colleges are set to resume classes for all students from Wednesday, for the first time since the coronavirus induced lockdown last year. Though classes had resumed for final year undergraduate and last semester postgraduate students on January 10, with all students returning to colleges now, the Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Vishwavidyala (DAVV) has instructed colleges to establish provision to prevent ragging. Consequently, the university has directed all 265 colleges, under its purview, to set up anti-ragging committees, within 10 days of resumption, by January 31.

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