Scrap metal sculptures to soon adorn the roads of Lucknow

Scrap metal sculptures to soon adorn the roads of Lucknow

Lucknow is currently undergoing a beautification project which is expected to change the cityscape entirely. Several new projects have been making the city prettier everyday, including the painting of murals, removal of overhead wires and renovation of old roads and bridges.

Now, a new project is set to change the face of major intersections in Lucknow. The city is soon to get new sculptures made with scrap metals which will be then put on approximately 100 intersections adding a touch of beauty to Lucknow.

What's the update?

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Lucknow has been undergoing countless changes under the smart city project which also include many beautification projects. As a part of this, the civic authorities in Lucknow aim to build scrap metal sculptures at approximately 100 intersections in the city. These sculptures are aimed at livening up the dull intersections in Lucknow as well as recycle and upscale old metal and scrap pieces.

The project does not only deal with the installation of these scrap metal sculptures at intersections but would also ensure that these are beautified. This would bring about a significant change along the roads and intersections in the city.

Currently, the sculptures are still being worked upon and the names of all the intersection that are expected to beautified have not yet been revealed. However, major intersections including Aishbagh, Qaiserbagh, Sikanderbagh, Polytechnic and Kathauta are expected to have these sculptures installed.

Knock Knock

These detailed sculptures will be a welcome change for Lucknowites who're accustomed to traffic lights or basic roundabouts at intersections. Seeing as these are merely a part of the ambitious beautification project, residents can't wait to know more about the upcoming changes which will make for a better and more beautiful Lucknow.

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