Script the story of your personal transformation with self-love coach Pranjali today!

Script the story of your personal transformation with self-love coach Pranjali today!

Self-love is for everyone & Pranjali is here to play Cupid

What comes to your mind when you think about self-love and care? Is it eyebrows on fleek, staying hydrated and sleeping enough? Well, the concept is wider than that and deeper than you think. Self-love is a dynamic, ever-evolving equation of maintaining balance - the balance between yourself with everything around you, being confident, positive and empowered.

The basic idea is to find a love language that scripts the story of your well-being and though this journey is a hard one, seeking help from the right sources can ease matters for you. Self-Love Coach Pranjali is here to traverse this path, play Cupid to make sure you love yourself first and the most!

Self-love is a journey and here's one for starters

It is more often than now, amid our isolated lives, that we are caught in the mayhem of confusion and stress, where the ideas of radical love sound alien. Be it incidents of self-harm, identity dissociation or being lost, people find themselves cornered by their insecurities, mental trauma and health but as the statement goes, 'It's okay to not be okay'.

Self-Love and Trauma Recovery Coach, Pranjali too, hit the rock bottom of emotional and mental health due to multiple episodes of struggle to love herself. "I was raised in an abusive household with domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse & emotional neglect. In the hopes to fit in and cope, I dedicated myself to working hard at school but I kept attracting toxic relationships, where I was abused physically and sexually multiple times. Despite having a law degree, a masters in politics & being enrolled on a PhD program on emotional politics; I could never open up to anyone about my struggles", she said.

At only 21 years, she was diagnosed with complex PTSD and borderline personality disorder and what followed was a series of medications, with no knowledge of how to reverse her condition or what was triggering it, Pranjali said. The lack of infrastructure, stigma and taboo around mental health swallowed her, she told, pushing her to the edge, which further aggravated her cynical self-evaluation.

With multiple failed relationships and friendships, Pranjali had to take a call between rationality and emotions, where her innate ability to feel things intensely favoured her journey of self-transformation. She took the reigns of her health by force, seeking help through clinical psychiatrists and counselling. And what happened next can only be explained as the miracle of healing.

The woman weaved her path to self-love through books, meditation, Ayurveda and getting a life coach herself. Her weakness, an emotionally vulnerable life, became her strength and a long journey of personal transformation translated into a broader vision, giving her a reason to live and go beyond.

Join the self love club

The self-love coach aims to start conversations about mental health and beat the stigma related to it.

Creating a community of people who can trudge through their dark times and understand that their mess is a message, that can decode the language of their heart, mind and body, is something I live for!

Self-love coach Pranjali

At present, all her services are available on Instagram, to reach out to people beyond borders. Pranjali is running multiple programmes, The Art of Self Love classes to help her students manifest holistic dreams and supervision the inclusive 'Mind Body Soul programme, to offera mix of Ayurveda, Yoga and Spirituality towards self-growth. People have the chance to also engage in a new Holistic Trauma Transformation Course where they can opt for either a group discussion or a 1:1 session.

Knock Knock

Self Love Coach, Pranjali is starting to book registrations for her new session for all the programmes now! She is also starting a free 7-day mental & emotional self-care challenge on WhatsApp, to bring together a small community towards the idea of growth and goals.

These classes are not only about people who are trying to cope with their lives or looking for answers that get them through a difficult time, self-love is for everyone. If you think, you deserve a special me-time, where you can talk, reach out to people and growth physically, mentally or emotionally, this is your calling. Reach out to Prajnali and pen down a love story - where your heart and mind are the protagonists!

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