Section 144 extended till January 5 in Lucknow

Section 144 extended till January 5 in Lucknow

Lucknow Police Commissionerate has extended Section 144 to enusre implementation of COVID protocols

In wake of the approaching festival and holiday season, the Lucknow Police Commissionerate on Tuesday issued a circular extending the order of Section 144 here till January 5, 2022. This public order prohibits the assembly of 5 or more peope, without prior permission, at one place. Reportedly, the move has been implemented to strictly enforce COVID-19 guidelines across Lucknow and avert any pandemic crisis due to callousness.

New COVID safety guidelines in Lucknow

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According to the new guidelines, all restaurants hotels, cinema halls, multiplexes gyms and sports stadiums, except for those in containment zones, will be allowed to function at 50% capacity. Those in containment areas will remain shut until further orders. The district officials has also called for the shutdown of swimming pools indefinitely, in line with the on-ground COVID situation.

Amid Omicron alarms, the police has decided to take strict actions against those who roam without masks in public areas. Similarly, punitive measures will be taken against those found spitting on roads.

During the effect of the order, no one will be allowed to assemble in large gatherings in front of the Vidhan Sabha. Processions, protests and movement in groups will also be completely banned in Lucknow.

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