Section 144 imposed in Lucknow till June 5 ahead of festivities, to keep COVID spread in check!

Section 144 imposed in Lucknow till June 5 ahead of festivities, to keep COVID spread in check!

Any group found flouting these directives, will be prosecuted under Section 188 IPC.

Holding the forthcoming festivities in view along with the repercussions of the second COVID wave, Lucknow administrative authorities imposed Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), on Thursday evening. This order will be in effect till June 5 and any group found flouting these directives in the city, will be prosecuted under Section 188 IPC, by the authorities.

To conduct any event, permission required from the Lucknow Commissionerate

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Prominent festivals like Eid, Bada Mangal, Lord Parshuram Jayanti and Buddha Purnima, are slated to be held during the month of May and annually, these occasions are celebrated amidst hordes of people. Consequently, to tackle any further swell in the COVID tallies of the city, which might materialize due to these events, the authorities have taken this much-needed call.

Further, people who wish to conduct any event, will have to seek permission from the Lucknow Commissionerate and if granted, COVID norms have to be followed to a T. If found otherwise, the offence will be punishable.

Additionally, on May 5, the state government declared the extension of the ongoing lockdown till May 10, 7 AM. Previously, the timeline of the weekend corona curfew was stretched till 7 AM on Thursday and now it would be operational till Monday morning. Simultaneously, to reduce unnecessary crowding and to limit aimless movements of the public, the Uttar Pradesh cabinet has also issued an e-pass system. Through these measures, the administration is making efforts to curb the COVID contamination rates but associated benefits can only be reaped, if guidelines are adhered to, stringently.

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