See, swirl, sip: Check out these mind-blowing deals on beers & cocktails in Lucknow!

See, swirl, sip: Check out these mind-blowing deals on beers & cocktails in Lucknow!

In just ₹999, get multiple beverages at the most famed places in the city. Offers valid till June 5!

It's a beer and cocktail fest in Lucknow, people! And you've been invited to jump on the bandwagon with mind-boggling Knocksense offers at your disposal.

Here are some of the most reputed cafes and bars in the city and if you're a cocktail admirer or a brewski lover, you're in for a thrilling ride. All you gotta do is download the Knocksense App and peruse through the plethora of discounts in Lucknow. Check out this listicle of rad deals on delicious drinks and get jingled!

4 beers/cocktails @ ₹999 at Sky Glass Brewing Co

An upscale lounging haven at Palassio, the Sky Glass Brewing Co is one of the latest additions to Lucknow's posh hangout places. With their specially brewed beers, Sky Glass lounge is calling out to the beverage aficionado in you. And if you're a Knocksense member, get 4 draught beer/cocktails at ₹999 here!

Location: 2nd floor, Phoenix Palassio Mall, Amar Shaheed Path, Sector-7, Gomti Nagar

4 beers @ ₹999 at Distillery

A hep cocktail bar, Distillery is offering 4 beers at ₹999. Plus, when there's magic in the air with enticing rooftop views, with delish food and beverages, what's there to not like! All you gotta do is download the Knocksense mobile app and utilise the hep offers.

Location: 15th floor, Rohtas Summit, Gomti Nagar

5 beers @ ₹999 at Royal Sky

The trendy casual rooftop bar and restaurant, Lucknow's age-old Royal Sky, is known for entertaining its loyal line of customers. Along with classy vibes, scrumptious food and an all-relaxing aura, get 5 beers at ₹999 here, only via your Knocksense apps!

Location: 1st Floor, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Opposite Halwasiya Market, Hazratganj

3 beers @ ₹999 at Vintage Machine

If you're a cocktail epicure, the Vintage Machine & Cocktail Bar is for you! From their delicious wheat-based thin-crust pizzas to the iconic Kafe Affogato, this chic place can sort your hanging out scenes. Now, collect your fam and head here for 3 beers at ₹999 and KnockOFF those bills!

Location: Ground floor, Summit

Unlimited Beer/Cocktails @999 at LOD Regnant

With multiple seating arrangements, refreshing beverages, lip-smacking dishes, happening events and above all, a pool-side grandiosity, Lord of The Drinks at The Regnant has it all planned for you! Avail crazy offers, like UNLIMITED beer/cocktails at ₹999 per person, through your Knocksense apps!

Location: 6th floor, The Regnant, Officers Colony, Nirala Nagar

Unlimited Beer/Cocktails @999 at The Drowning Street

Invoke the party buff in you and head to Lucknow's The Drowning Street. Enjoy the relatable feel-good vibe, rocking live music and poppin' parties, along with UNLIMITED beers/cocktails at ₹999 per person while here! Doesn't get better than this, does it?

Location: Level 2, The Summit, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar

Unlimited beer/cocktails @999 at THR

For indulgent culinary treats, a dope street-style vibe, bask in the classy ambience of The Hype Room this Beer and Cocktail festival! And Knocksense members, don't you forget to opt for UNLIMITED beers/cocktails at ₹999 per person when here!

Location: Third Floor, TCG -3/3, Summit Building, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar

6 beer/cocktails @₹999 at Bigg Daddy

Jazz up your day and escape all the stress by chilling at Lucknow's deluxe nightspot Bigg Daddy! Hit the accommodating and party-perfect place, with rooftop views, regular live bands and dance into the night. Oh, and, do avail your 6 beers/cocktails at ₹999 per person offer that comes along your Knocksense memberships!

Location: Cyber Heights, 6th Floor Balcony, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar

6 beers/cocktails @₹999 at Mashup

Gear up for some drink-fueled fun and games with Mashup Cafe & Bar's indoor cricket space, bowling alley and your 6 beers/cocktails at ₹999 deal on Knocksense app, along with, of course, appetising F&B!

Location: 1st floor Summit Building, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar

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