7 major changes in Lucknow through the past week, triggered by the 2nd COVID wave!

Stay home, stay safe and save yourself from being a Covid'iot!

Marking an unprecedented hike in infection rates, Lucknow has evolved as the newest hotspot of the COVID virus, just in a span of two weeks. With several mutants and altered symptoms, the virus has made it difficult for the city dwellers to combat its perturbing effects. Taking hastened measures for containing the pandemic, the state and the city administration has executed an array of measures! So here's a quick glance through everything that has changed in Lucknow in the past 10 days.

Completely locked Sundays till May 15

Attempting to block the chain of infections, complete lockdown with extensive restrictions shall be observed in the city on all Sundays till May 15. During the period of this blanket ban, the municipal authorities will conduct comprehensive sanitisation activities at all markets and public spots in Lucknow. With an aim to curb amplified viral contamination, the lockdown would limit all movements in the city on Sundays, except for essential services!

Resumed online classes & revived work from home schedules

Almost a year after no or partial on-campus classes, schools opened their gates for students of all grades, in the month of March but the second wave has brought the situation back to square one. While pupils have resorted back to virtual classes, a string of offices in the city have also pulled their shutters down, leading to work from home schedules. Observing the dire circumstances that have enveloped the city today, homes are the safest places to be at!

Night Curfews from 8 PM to 7 AM

Striving to arrest a further escalation in cases, Lucknow stands clamped under daily night curfews from 8 PM to 7 AM. During this period, all places other than those providing necessary and essential services are prohibited to function and all kinds of movements are banned. All defaulters of this restraint, shall have to bear the consequences of their irresponsible actions!

Sealed markets across the city

While summer evenings witnessed swarms of Lucknowites flocking to the central markets of Aminabad, Hazratganj and Bhootnath, the streets of these hubs stand empty with all establishments shut down. Alarmed by the accentuated spread of infections, some traders' associations opted for voluntary closure of all the shops and it is expected that the markets would restart operations a few days later.

Constant upgrade of medical infrastructure for COVID patients

The expanding needs for hospital beds have resulted in the conversion of KGMU and Balrampur hospitals into dedicated COVID facilities. Besides this, a makeshift hospital will be set up at Awadh Shilp Gram and DRDO has also planned for establishing alternative avenues for COVID victims at Golden Blossom Resort and the Haj House. Given the increasing requirements, such measures have changed the face of the city's medical infrastructure!

Fines upto ₹10K for not following the masking protocol

Though masking is the first line of defence against the contagion, the city folks were showing laxity in adhering to the stated guidelines. Making a note of this, a fine amount of ₹1,000 has been announced for unmasked individuals. If any citizen is found violating this protocol on multiple occasions, the fine would be raised to ₹10,000!

Stalled Navratri Bhandaras, Iftaaris at home

Ramadan and Navratri kick-started together this year and it would have been a gala of events and gatherings, only if everything was normal. Sending all our plans for a toss, the 2nd COVID wave has cancelled all Navratri festivities and forced us to observe iftaaris within the confines of our homes. The lanes of old Lucknow which thrived with bustling crowds during these times, stand nearly vacant today!

Knock Knock

After we fared our ways through the first wave of accelerated infections, we didn't wish to encounter a second spread. But even before we could take a sigh of relief, it is back and in a comparatively deadlier form. So if you still aren't behaving in an aware and responsible way, we urge you to stay home, stay safe and save yourself from being a Covid'iot!

Public movement without e-pass permitted for THESE categories in Lucknow & other UP districts!

In an extension of the e-pass order, the state has clarified ambiguities.

In a bid to prevent people from unnecessarily flocking outside amid peak COVID horror of the second wave, the Uttar Pradesh cabinet has issued an e-pass system for public movement across the state. According to this order, the general public, except those involved in essential services, require an authorised electronic pass to validate their travel. However, in an extension of the e-pass order, the state has clarified ambiguities and listed categories of services alongside public movements, that would not require an e-pass.

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Additional COVID-19 curbs imposed in Goa until May 10 in wake of COVID surge

Essential services will continue to operate in Goa without any restrictions.

Goa Government on Tuesday, imposed additional COVID-19 curbs across village panchayats and districts, to keep the coronavirus infection rise in check. The coastal state observed a 4-day lockdown that concluded on May 3, however, strict restrictions were ordained here for another week, till May 10. While the administration had listed the guidelines earlier, on Tuesday, it extended the scope of the prohibitions, to include non-essential services also. As per reports, restaurants too, have been allowed only for home delivery, instead of the earlier permitted operations at 50% capacity.

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Oxygen cylinder blast at Lucknow's Chinhat area stirs city dwellers amid widespread COVID chaos

Technical teams are assessing the situation at the spot and the cause of the blast will be made public soon.

While Lucknow stands shrouded beneath a storm of COVID troubles, an incident at the city's KT Oxygen Filling Station in Chinhat, has raised eyeballs across the city. An oxygen cylinder burst out at 3:30 PM on Wednesday while being reloaded at the facility and chaotic circumstances ensued after that. Taking quick control of the situation, the authorities implemented a relief program to help the individuals affected by the blast and further investigation has been initiated.

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In a first for India, Mumbai's Coastal Road project to be supported by monopile technology!

This is the first time when monopile technology is being used in India.

The construction work of Mumbai's Coastal Road project is going on in full swing, although the city still lies shrouded under the gloom of the raging pandemic. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has also deployed monopile technology for the project, that connects south Mumbai to the western suburbs. Breaking the usual trend of using group pile technology while making any bridge on a sea or river, this is the first time when monopile technology is being used in India.

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COVID cases in Indore exceed beyond ​the 1500-mark on Tuesday for over 3 weeks in a row!

On Tuesday, as many as 1,805 people tested positive for the coronavirus infection in Indore.

The rising scale of COVID-19 infections continues to cast the horrors of the pandemic in Indore, with the addition of 1,805 new cases on Tuesday. Besides adding to the active load, this new surge denotes that the daily spike of the fresh cases in Indore, has surged over the 15,000-mark for over 3 weeks. Meanwhile, the dip in the recovery rate further intensifies the pandemic crisis in the district.

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