SGPGI in Lucknow will soon expand the net of robotic surgery

SGPGI in Lucknow will soon expand the net of robotic surgery

For scarless, affordable and safer surgeries, patients can avail of robotic surgery at SGPGI

Lucknow's Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute (SGPGI) of Medical Sciences will soon expand the facility of robotic surgery in multitude disciplines. The head of endocrine surgery department Professor Amit Agrawal announced that, now, patients who need solutions for issues in their liver, neck, head and gynae-related problems will also be able to avail the surgery.

With robot-assisted surgeries, it will become more affordable and safer for patients than before, and with less invasive options. The surgery is predicted to get cheaper with time and has great potential in future, hinted institute director Prof RK Dhiman.

Net of robotic surgery to expand

The robotic surgery is currently being performed in various disciplines including cardiac, vascular, thyroid and thoracic regions at SGPGI in Lucknow. However, the net will soon expand.

“We will soon introduce robotic surgery in head and neck, problems related to gynecology, and for liver resection and removal of tumors. With this, the patients will get safer minimally invasive options at affordable prices at SGPGIMS, " Prof Agarwal continued.

Robotic surgery live in 3D 

On July 22, SGPGI also hosted their first 3D live workshop for two consecutive days on open and robotic thyroidectomy . Herein, two thyroidectomy surgeries were performed on the first day while they were telecast live on 3D screens. Doctors throughout the country had arrived in Lucknow to attend the workshop.

On the same, Professor Agarwal, also the nodal officer of SGPGI Robotic Surgery Programme, noted the adequacy of robotic surgery, “We can see how during robotic surgery, we have a much clearer microscopic view that minimises the possibility of any error and it is suture-less and scar-free."

Prof Dhiman added, "To provide the best facility we are planning to procure a new robot as the existing one has almost reached the saturation point.”

India is currently the second largest market for robotic surgeries. Robot-assisted surgeries have picked up pace after the pandemic and have a bright future in the country.

SGPGI in Lucknow will soon expand the net of robotic surgery
SGPGI in Lucknow conducts India's first Scarless Robotic Thyroid Surgery via Transoral route

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