Sham-e-Faroza in Lucknow is your doorway to the Nawabi era and a royal dining experience

Sham-e-Faroza in Lucknow is your doorway to the Nawabi era and a royal dining experience

It is a place for relaxation and reflection, a far cry from the daily dust of life.

A mini replica of a palace from the times of Nawabs in Lucknow, Sham-e-Faroza, is a beautiful reminder of our roots and legacy. A new addition to Lucknow's food scenes, this place exudes a royal vibe and offers authentic flavours of your favourite Mughlai cuisine.

A truly unique take on culture and food, Sham-e-Faroza is not just a restaurant or a cafe, it is an experience to be had by all of us who wish to find out what's it to dine like a Nawab.

A vibrant show of simplicity

Before diving into what Sham-e-Faroza is all about, a little background is in order. This regal place is a passion project by Muskaan Dhhana, the inspiration for which was her father, who introduced her to the aromatic world of authentic Nawabi dishes at a very young age. Sham-e-Faroza is a callback to those flavours, and that whole experience.

With this in mind, she has also incorporated real flavours and follows traditional recipes to give you the most authentic Awadhi food. Traditional recipes, authentic flavours of the Awadhi cuisine available here will make you realise the hard work and thought behind the setting up of this place.

At the same time, Dhhana is a rare example of a female entrepreneur in town who has dived into the world of Mughlai cuisine, especially on such a grand scale. She has longed for a place that takes the tastebuds back many centuries, it was only natural for her to bring something like this, rooted in history, to Lucknow folk.

Royalty runs through and through

Each and every corner has a personal touch, and a significance to her and her family. It is a place for relaxation and reflection, a far cry from the daily dust of life.

Adorned with pastel blue wall murals, and simple whites, it is minimally done up, and exudes touches of royalty in everything. The whole place is inherently a classic, Lucknowi house, which has been left intact, giving visitors an extremely homely feel, while also keeping a vintage and antique sort of a vibe.

The joint is (loosely) divided into 4 parts. A bageecha outside welcomes you into a world that is seperated from the hustle bustle of the city, while on the inside, the first thing you see is the cafe area, which is mainly inspired by royalty. The setting is a blend of modern and rustic, presenting a unique experience- be it for dining or for working from here.

Further inside, in the house's dining area, is, of course, the restaurant space. Designed to mimic Old Nawabi eating spaces, it encapsulates all that we love about Oudhi culture, and you can rest assured that all the dishes are as true to their roots as possible. Keeping in line with the theme of royalty, minimalism and authenticity, the Old Lucknow influence can be seen all over, and in the menu as well.

Inside is a fully fledged, private dining hall, ideal for having a merry time with your family and friends, and creating a setting of your own. This particular area has completely mirrored walls, which is a hallmark of Old Nawabi architecture.

What's on the menu

A highly curated menu is presented to you here. Each and everything on the menu is unique, and draws from it's most authentic roots. Be it the classic Awadhi dishes, or continental foods, all of it stays true to it's origins. There are loads of healthy food options as well, while the aromas of Nihari and Kebabs always waft towards you, tempting you to indulge yourself.

There's a heavy focus on the preparation for every dish, for each one carries the weight of history and legacy behind it, and Dhhana aims to be as true as possible to the origins.

Knock Knock

Situated in a predominantly city folk area, Sham-e-faroza strives to rejuvenate our interest in the past, through lip-smacking dishes, and an authentic, true to it's roots vibe. It is often a good idea to stop, and look back at our lineage, and that's just what this place aims to do.

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