Shop stress-free in Ganj; Here's how to avail the new valet parking

Shop stress-free in Ganj; Here's how to avail the new valet parking

Time to say goodbye to all parking woes in Hazratganj.

The shopping experience in Hazratganj will become a lot more convenient if you follow these simple steps to avail the new valet parking facility. Just a few clicks on your smartphone and you can get your car picked up from and dropped off to any location in Hazratganj.

Check out steps to avail the new valet parking system

  • Download the ParkMate app, which is available on both the Play Store and App Store.

  • Register with your phone number and enter the OTP that will be sent to you within seconds.

  • Once singed in, tap on the "Book a Valet" option and select a location in Hazratganj you want your car picked up from.

  • Drive to the selected location and a valet will be there in a jiffy to ferry your car to the multi-level parking in Hazratganj.

  • Once you are done with your ganjing, open the app again and tap on the "Get My Car" option.

  • A valet will then drop off your car at a location of your choosing in Hazratganj, from where you can drive back home.

  • Rather than selecting a location for the valet to pick your car from, you can also choose to drop your vehicle at one of the several valet drop-off points in Hazratganj like the one in the picture above.

With efforts by members of Hazratganj Traders Association

Wondering who to thank for this convenient valet parking system in Hazratganj? It is the Hazratganj Traders' Association and their relentless efforts that has made this smart parking facility possible. And now Lucknowites can use the facility to shop stress-free, in one of the busiest markets in town.

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