Shopaholics, foodies, music heads —unite! La Binge Fiesta is here to enliven our pre-Holi scenes

Shopaholics, foodies, music heads —unite! La Binge Fiesta is here to enliven our pre-Holi scenes

This March 3-5, we'll see you at Lucknow's DLF MyPad enjoying a vibrant food & cultural fest!

A fleet of mouth-watering food stalls, bedecked with a row of lifestyle and home décor shops with lots of opportunities for shopping, remixed with beverage corners, and all enveloped in vibrant surroundings — we're talking about a lively fete, with many more surprises, coming to your city!

Lots of information to digest at once? We'll break it down for you.

Lucknowites, your beloved Knocksense is here with the first fest of 2023 to make your life exciting, fun, and full of entertainment yet again! With an explosion of culture and tradition, with a burst of colours, the food extravaganza La Binge Fiesta is back and how!

La Binge Fiesta — a matter of sheer cultural ecstasy

A pre-Holi celebration like never before, clear up your schedule and get your friends to take time off their bustling lives for this March 3, 4, and 5, we've got a place specially reserved for the enthusiast in you!

Excited already? Wait up, for there's more!

A place dishing the best biryani and gyros, flaunting the perfectly oxidised earrings, and the 'ittar' you've long been searching for — La Binge Fiesta is a matter of sheer cultural ecstasy, people. Along with this, we've also culled up a crazy list of performers who are sure to make you groove.

Lock your passes right away!

Snag trendy outfits from here, bust out some dance moves, go on a shopping spree, binge on a hearty feast, and sing along famed artistes! What could rock your pre-Holi festivities more than this?

We're waiting for you to book your slots for the stupendous food festival for we absolutely can't wait to have you!

Book your tickets from down below:

Oh, and if you're a Knocksense Platinum, Select Mini or Select member already, your tickets are available at merely ₹1, so open your Knocksense Apps and go gaga!

When: March 3-5

Where: DLF MyPad, TCG - 6, 6, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

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