Sip, Snap, Share at The House of Honour - Lucknow's Newest Cafe That's Taking Instagram by Storm

Sip, Snap, Share at The House of Honour - Lucknow's Newest Cafe That's Taking Instagram by Storm

With an aesthetic ambience and scrumptious F&B, Lucknow's newest The House of Honour is all the rage.

An ambience that is aesthetic, quaint, posh, and food that is creamy, juicy, filling, and delicious — this is exactly how Lucknow's newest House of Honour's demeanour can be aptly put into words. We stumbled upon the sweet little place, a hidden gem near Shaheed Path, on one of our casual outings exploring cafes in Lucknow.

It was the lights that lured us in, coupled with a soothing atmosphere and the aroma of food. There was also the option of sitting outside amidst the panoramic neon lights, but the weird weather of Lucknow (the fact that it was both warm and cold) had already helped us make our minds for the interiors.

The Ambience

The first thing we did, being the zillennials that we are, clicked a nice mirror selfie the moment we saw a massive mirror with beautiful red flowers on it!

Between their unique beverage counter and herds of blooms adorning the place's ceilings, we felt like we were sitting in a meadow. The pink and peach-themed setting only complimented the aforementioned.

We jumped on the comfortable sofas placed around shiny marble tables and picked up a game of tic tac toe. Meanwhile, our starving selves had ordered countless items that were probably too much for three people. But who could say no to tasty food in a new place? It would all go down in the name of the experiment.

We proceeded to play Jenga and then String Hockey and not once were we not occupied, giggling and chilling and playing. And at that exact moment, the blissful feeling of food arriving struck us! Oh, thank heavens! Suddenly, our hunger overtook us and we sprung upon the dastarkhwan.

The Food

While the refreshing Strawberry Mojito came like a soothing breeze of relaxation, the Lavender mocktail reminded us of childhood and one particular candy. Reason being, the delicious drink had the magic pop flavour that the candies did!

The White Sauce Pasta felt soft and creamy, while the Chilli Chicken was a treat for all the spike freaks. The latter was chewy and juicy and was compensated by the Chicken Cheese Sandwich.

The entrée was embellished by The House Of Honour's Chicken Ghee Roast (spicy and flavoursome with soft chicken pieces) and their signature Hara Bhara Kebab which was so soft, it melted in the mouth!

However, it was the coffees that we could keep coming back for! Both Hazelnut and Irish coffees were as delectable as they can get!

The Vibe

Uplifting the caffeine culture up a notch, The House Of Honour is one Insta-worthy enterprise that we'd recommend to all. With lots of indoor games and books in their embrace, delicious food and drinks, it made for a rather pleasant hangout spot.

Location: 5/464, Khargapur, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Phone: 082997 06003

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