Sister duo from Lucknow creates Sonneir- a sustainable luxury label

Sister duo from Lucknow creates Sonneir- a sustainable luxury label

Sonneir offers an alternative to make you stay on top of the fashion game without having to dive into the destructive fast fashion wave

They say fashion is an expression and this duo from Lucknow is showing us how to be quirky yet sustainable with the help of their homegrown brand! Sonneir by Shivani and Rashmi Verma, a peopleswear label from the City of Nawabs that offers designs with a timeless flair of prét, couture and a lot more.

A NIFT Hyderabad alumni, Shivani conceptualised Sonneir along with her sister Rashmi, who brings her Fashion Business Management expertise to add luxury, functionality and sustainability to Lucknow's fashion scenes. This environment-friendly couture brand offers an alternative that is designed to make you stay on top of your fashion game without having to dive into the destructive fast fashion wave!

Sustainable luxury couture

As per the founders of Sonneir, the sole idea behind starting this brand was to promote sustainable fashion without compromising on the style quotient. By using natural fabrics like EPFC certified orange peel, GOTS certified Hemp Cotton, Banana fabric, Lenzing Tencel and more, Sonneir makes sure you dress your best without the guilt of harming nature.

These fabrics not only make the dresses sustainable and sort of exclusive, but have proved to be beneficial for the skin as well. While the thought of trendy fashion wear might make you shudder with the thought of discomfort, these designer dresses will feel like a breeze on your skin! So, not only is this good for the environment and great for your fashion sense, it is also equally pleasing for your skin as well. Basically, what we are trying to say is that it's a win-win and win situation out here!

Handcrafted with love!

At Sonneir, each outfit is a labour of love, made exclusively for each client, adding to the special feel of the dress. Handcrafted with utmost care and a special emphasis on the sentimental value of the attire, each piece created at Sonnier is like a love song in the making! With its knack for unique detailings and designs, Sonneir attracts its niché clientele by offering them something different and classy with an extraordinary luxurious look.

With their debut collection 'Irresolute Drift' coming out this June, the duo aims to focus on creating innovative bodies with 3D surface hand embroidery techniques. The upcoming catalogue has everything your dream outfits are made of-a hint of drama, a dash of unusual combinations and an oodle of aesthetics! You have to believe us when we say that this collection is worth all the wait, so stay tuned.

Knock Knock

You gotta follow their Instagram handle to keep an eye out for this rather unusual collection that is surely going to add freshness to the otherwise cluttered fashion scene in town. Also, if you wish to get a piece customised for you, head out to their studio for an in-person consultation or feel free to reach out on the given number.

Contact: +91-7893131877, 7704895219

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