Sizzlin' flavours and North Indian delights await you at the brand-new Gola Sizzlers in Lucknow

Sizzlin' flavours and North Indian delights await you at the brand-new Gola Sizzlers in Lucknow

Get ready for a sizzling experience!

Lucknow, brace yourselves for a sizzling affair that transcends taste buds and culinary borders – the legendary Gola Sizzlers, hailing from the bustling lanes of Delhi, has just unfurled its culinary charm in the heart of the City of Nawabs. The air in Lucknow is now infused with the irresistible fragrance of sizzling delights, beckoning all to embark on an epicurean journey that guarantees a symphony for the senses.

Gola Sizzlers, a culinary legend born in 1988 under the vision of Mr. Naresh Kapoor, has now graced Lucknow after earning accolades and a devoted following in Delhi. Beyond mere recipes, Gola Sizzlers brings a rich tapestry of over three decades of culinary excellence to the city of Nawabs.

Get set for a sizzling experience with Gola Sizzlers, now!

A Culinary Rollercoaster of Flavours, Sizzlers, and North Indian Bliss!

Gola Sizzlers is like a food paradise, hooking the taste buds of all you foodies in Lucknow. Their sizzlers stealing the spotlight, and the menu taking you on a food journey that hits all the right spots. From Chinese and Continental to Mughlai, Italian, and Japanese – it's a feast that's like a flavour-packed concert under one roof.

But here's the real scoop – it's not just about the amazing variety; it's about being the go-to spot for the best sizzlers and kick-ass North Indian cuisine. Gola Sizzlers is where your taste buds go on a rollercoaster ride through different cuisines, and the real heroes are those mouthwatering sizzlers and North Indian treats.

But there's more to this story. Gola Sizzlers in Lucknow doesn't just serve food; it creates an entire experience. The talk of the town is their brand-new bar, offering an exciting array of cocktails that perfectly complement the diverse menu. And here's the kicker – enjoy a 1+1 offer on the entire bar menu, turning every sip into a celebration. Gola Sizzlers isn't just about satisfying hunger; it's about crafting an immersive journey where each bite and sip showcases their dedication to varied, top-notch dining experiences.

Keep Sizzling!


Walk through those doors, and you'll see Gola Sizzlers oozing with class and luxury, a clear sign of how much they value old-school hospitality.

In a city bursting with food traditions, Gola Sizzlers is the fresh and exciting mix of both old and new. Lucknow, get ready for a food adventure that'll take you beyond boundaries and back in time – all wrapped up in the cozy vibes of Gola Sizzlers. Sizzle on, Lucknow!

Contact for reservations- +91 9899055601

Cost for two- ₹2000

Location- Second Floor, Lulu Mall, Lucknow.

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