The Sky Store in Lucknow is easing grocery shopping with same-day delivery amid COVID crisis

The Sky Store in Lucknow is easing grocery shopping with same-day delivery amid COVID crisis

If your bill exceeds ₹500, your order will be delivered at no extra cost.

The widespread threat of the second swell of COVID-19 and extended restrictions of the lockdown, has made grocery shopping a task! Thus, in an attempt to mitigate these pandemic woes of the public, The Sky Store in Lucknow has stepped up its services to ensure safe and efficient delivery of grocery supplies, across the city.

Fast-tracked, same-day delivery!

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The Sky Store in Lucknow has prepared a fast-tracked delivery system to corroborate the supply of essential and grocery items at your doorstep within hours of placing the orders. They claim *same-day delivery that makes your shopping experience both easier and faster. Additionally, if your bill exceeds the amount of ₹500, your order will be initiated at zero delivery fee. One can place orders as per their convenience at The Sky Store website and the items will be delivered anytime between 10 AM to 7 PM.

Overview of The Sky Store

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  • Free delivery on orders over ₹500, all across Lucknow
  • 5% cashback on all orders over ₹1000. This amount will be credited to The Sky Store wallet and can be used during the next purchase
  • Same-day delivery (*T&C applicable)
  • All deliveries will be executed between 10 AM to 7 PM
  • All non-perishable grocery products are available
  • 100% genuine products, procured directly from the brand
  • 'Cash on Delivery' option available as well
In wake of the present-day situation, delivery assistance like The Sky Store has definitely promoted ease of living. This service allows you to stay indoors and safe during the pandemic scare while promising you quality products at affordable rates.
*Please note: All orders will be delivered within 24 hours in case of high demand. Customers will be notified about the delivery slot.

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