Now shop for organic & indie items from home as Neelesh Misra's Slow Bazaar in Lucknow goes online

Now shop for organic & indie items from home as Neelesh Misra's Slow Bazaar in Lucknow goes online

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Helping us catch a breath in this fast-paced world, Slow Bazaar by Neelesh Misra has been taking us back to our roots by offering sustainable and environment-friendly alternatives to the usual mass-produced items or fast fashion as it is popularly called. And now, moving on with the new normal marked by the pandemic, this homegrown brand from Lucknow has gone all digital to ensure no one misses out on its products. Basically, you can now get Slow's authentic and unadulterated handmade items, ranging from food to footwear delivered right to your doorsteps from any corner of the country!

Products with the promise of purity!

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With its country-wide shipping services, Slow is giving each of us a chance to indulge in the goodness of organic and hand-curated items that come with the promise of purity, right from the comfort of our homes. Interestingly, Slow Bazaar initially started as a platform that would take the organic food items made by creators in the interior areas directly to the people in the urban area.

However, after witnessing a welcoming response from the people, the founder duo, Yamini and Neelesh Misra decided on expanding the range at Slow Bazaar. At present, the brand offers an array of authentic products from all across the country, including apparel for men and women, beauty and wellness products, home decor items, toys and stationeries and even gift sets.

An ode to the creators!

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Apart from its promise of offering organic and unadulterated products to its customers, Slow Bazaar also strives to give the creators of these products, the artisans and craftsmen the respect that they deserve. Putting this thought into action, the founder duo offers 10% of net profit, in addition to the cost of the products to its makers.

Apart from incentivizing creators this concept also gives these talented makers a sense of pride for their skillfully hand-curated products. With the help of their extensive network, the Slow Movement also aims to create recognition for these skilled craftsmen as well. So, when you shop at Slow, you don't just make yourself happy but also become a reason behind the smiling faces of the creators of the products!

Here is a glimpse of products you can get at Slow Bazaar

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What are you waiting for? Log on to Slow Bazaar's official website and swipe through their all-encompassing catalogue and shortlist your favourite items. You can also place your orders and clarify other queries directly by contacting them on the given number.

Contact: 7081009977

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