Soon witness artistic marvels at the 'Waste to Wonder Park' in Lucknow

Soon witness artistic marvels at the 'Waste to Wonder Park' in Lucknow

The park, made from waste, will be constructed along the lines of those in Delhi & Indore.

To add to the latest attractions in the city of Nawabs, the Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) is coming up with a 'Waste to Wonder Park', entirely made of waste products. Plastic collected from houses, waste materials like metals, automobile scraps (and, well, you get the idea) will be employed in creating this unique tourist spot.

The park is going to be developed on the lines of those in Delhi and Indore and a squad of experts from the aforementioned cities have already arrived in Lucknow to help implement the same. Artists will also be hired to execute the artwork.

Employing waste to create wonders

Waste to Wonder Park, Delhi
Waste to Wonder Park, Delhi

LMC Commissioner Indrajit Singh stated, "We are planning to end the use of plastic in the city which will be possible only if our citizens participate. Our schemes will make people aware about three approaches — Reduce, Recycle and Reuse — which is the only way to save our environment."

Waste items like tires, rods, nut-bolts, iron sheets, appliances that are not in use or do not work, will be utilised to create something that that is visually appealing.

"The structures to be made from waste products are in the planning stage and once our plan is ready and the project report is completed, the budget and space will be allotted soon," Singh added.

Towards a waste-free city?

Through campaigns like door-to-door garbage collection and Swachh Toycathon, civic bodies have been planting the idea of segregating garbage at the source, disposing it off safely, and so on, in people's minds. Residents of the city have been urged to fill plastic in bottles which will form the wall of the park.

Conveying the message of reducing, recycling, and reusing, in the most apt manner possible, the 'Waste to Wonder Park' carries huge potential.

Soon witness artistic marvels at the 'Waste to Wonder Park' in Lucknow
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