Soon you can order from your favourite street stalls via Swiggy & Zomato in Lucknow

Soon you can order from your favourite street stalls via Swiggy & Zomato in Lucknow

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Soon people will be able to order food online from street vendors in Lucknow & via Swiggy and Zomato. The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to extend the support of PM Svanidhi Yojna to register street vendors on food and delivery apps.

Once onboard, these locals vendors in the city will be able to garner a greater reach and the people will be able to enjoy their favourites without having to step out!

Footpath shacks to go online in Lucknow!

All roadside shacks and footpath shops and other small ventures that are a part of the Centre's Svanidhi scheme will be onboarded on online delivery aggregator platforms, opening new dimensions of business expansion. An idea that is rooted in the 'Digital India' vision, the Yojna is expected to reach out to at least 8 lakh shopkeepers within its circuit and get them on popular online sites such as Zomato and Swiggy.

Besides, the scheme will be instrumental in providing ₹10,000 loan facilities to the beneficiaries to help them adjust and upgrade to the online mode. Once the plan is implemented, people will be able to shop for their favourite street-side snacks, from the comfort of their homes - at any time! The move is also expected to ease the flow of transactions, bolstering the system of a cashless economy.

New vending zones to be set up in Lucknow

Meanwhile, the Lucknow Nagar Nigam has taken up the task of creating new vending zones for street vendors in Lucknow. A total of 5 such areas will be created in each of the 9 zones in the city. Zonal officers are presently identifying suitable spaces for the same on the official directive of Assistant Municipal Commissioner and Deputy Collector Yamundhar Chauhan. A report of the estimated cost and the list of vendors to be re-located is currently being made, read reports.

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